Petrosian, Victor - The Seattle Butcher

The kindly owner of an Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile... or is he?


Franchise owner of an Oscar Meyer truck, and one of the last holdouts at the Armastice Arms apartments. His daughter Natalia has a crush on Dreadnought.

However, he may in fact be a deadly serial killer known as The Seattle Butcher!

Recently, in an altercation with the Jet City Defenders, Victor Petrosian was injured while in a mental domain, and so was left a comatose vegetable in the real world. It also came out that he is, in fact, the Seattle Butcher.

In the nightmare realm of young Max Lawson, Victor Petrosian’s soul became alive, and he became the The Giga Butcher, a massive 25ft monstrosity with the ability to sluff off damage it had taken into smaller, deadly creatures and warp reality around it. Thankfully, his reign of terror, both in the nightmare world and in the real world is, for now, at an end.

Still, evidence may point to a copycat killer on the loose.

Petrosian, Victor - The Seattle Butcher

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