Monolith Gelsuit

Armor gifted to the JCD by Mercy Force


Item of Power Monolith Nanogel Suit ‘gelsuit’

Adaptation Lvl 4

  • Oxygen – Monolith gelsuits allow for normal breathing in low-oxygen areas (such as underwater), however would not allow breathing in space without a seperate source.
  • Pressure – Monolith gelsuts can withstand the crushing pressures of the Marianis Trench or the vacuum of space)
  • Temperature – (Desert/Tundra) Monolith gelsuits are resistant to temperature extremes and act as a deterrant the negative effects of normal Earth temperature extremes. Gelsuits can not handle extremes such as direct flame or exposure to absolute zero temperatures (other than the armor rating below).

Alternate Form Lvl 1

  • Monolith gelsuits are memnetic and can conform to any normal clothing the user has worn before with a thought. Adapting a gelsuit to look like a picture in a magazine, enemy armor or other apparel the user has never worn comes with additional difficulty to modify and maintain.

Armor Lvl 2

  • 20 pts of damage resistance per the normal Armor Characteristic

Regeneration Lvl 1

  • Regenerates 5 health points per round for the wearer.
  • May stabilize the wounds of those in critical condition.

A nanotech based memnetic ablative gel suit worn by Mercy Force, New York’s NYPD Parahuman precinct.

Origin of the gelsuit: The ablative nanite gel was first discovered by Dr. Mara Genevros, a distinguished astrophysicist at NYU while studying the effects of gravity waves on the high-pressure waters of the world’s deepest chasm, the Marianas Trench. The Monolith, a ship carbon-dated at nearly 3 million years old was discovered deep in the trench, and after a nearly tragic suit depressurization that left Dr. Genevros paralyzed from the waist down, she discovered the sealing and represurizing nature of the nanobiotic gel, and was able to survive and return to the surface.

Upon investigating the properties of the gel, Dr. Genevros found that it was sensitive to the electrochemical nerve impulses of the human mind, and both maleable and durable. Reprogramming to perform as ablative armor was a simple matter of providing direct skin contact with the gel and concentrating for a moment on the function.

Since that initial investigation, further research has proven that the gel is capable of ablative effects, immersion in the gel allows for normal operation in high or low pressure environments, that reduces the effects of temperature extremes, and the gel has even shown limited medical triage applications.

Dr. Genevros’ connections to the illusive crime fighter Techa is unclear, however the vigilante is known to have a supply of the nano-gel, and some of it has found its way to the Mercy Force team, and now, to the Jet City Defenders of Seattle.

Monolith Gelsuit

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