Night Fire's Bike

Wrecked for the time being but she'll be back


Motor bike

180 kph (320 w/o nos/ 350 w/nos)
Hp: 40
Seats: 2
+1 mb
Cargo hold: 50kg
Armor: 6


Rocket engine- +100 kph 2 drive
Engine rebuild
+20 kph
Big engine- + 20 kph
Puncture resistant
Improved brakes- +2 drive
Improved shocks- +1 drive
Nos- +30 kph +1 drive/round
Police-band radio


There are two things in the world a person can trust themselves and the ride they build buy hand. This bad girl is the only reason you will every hear the bruiser of the night coming but good luck out running this street machine. With only a few button presses this ride clocks in at 350 kph (that’s 217.5 mph for you american folk.) Though with all that power at your finger tips it doesn’t cut back its seating; it may not look like it but this lovely ride can hold up to 2 passengers comfortably as well as 50 kg (110 lbs) of things before it begins to put some strain on that fully rebuilt bigger engine that your fine self will be straddling while blasting down the high way. This beauty is also has a built in Police-Band Radio what every vigilante needs to keep his streets clean.

Highway to Hell

Night Fire's Bike

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