Silver Age Seattle

Tales of the FarArch
What will the memories of a lost story reveal?

Last time on Silver Age Seattle, Jet City Defenders

A winding road through a Washington Forest. A gravel road leading to a weathered sign: Woodhaven Sanitarium. The shadow within a half-opened door to a dark house, with peeling white paint.

SS (voice over): “I have to go. You don’t have to come with me, but I have to know.”

Cut to: MASTERMIND, speaking softly to MILO FARLEY at King Street Station

MiloF: “I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

MasterM: “No, he needs to do this. It’s family. I understand.”

A shadowed shed in a sun-dappled yard swing open, revealing rusty tools, and the silhouette of a man. A WEATHERED MAN stands at the shed door, while a flash of speed whisks by, revealing the blurring speedster, SLIPSTREAM and the rest of the JET CITY DEFENDERS.

SLPSTRM: “Over here!”


SS: “Dad?”

Cut to: Interior, weathered house.

WM: “I ain’t your real father kid. Your mother and I divorced.”

Cut to: Interior, weathered house, INFERNO speaks to Weathered Man.

INF: “You did something right for Nathan.”

WM: “No I didn’t.”

Cut to: Exterior the front lawn of Woodhaven Sanitarium

SS: (voice over) “Where is mom?”

WM (voice over): “She’s at Woodhaven now.”

Cut to: Interior, Dr.’s Office. DR standing precariously on a chair, only his legs seen.

Cut to: FLASH of a young boy with a RED BACKPACK running along a darkened trail and coming upon the dangling legs of a hanged man beneath a crossing walkway.

DR: “Hello there.”

Cut to: Interior, Dr. Harper’s Office. DR getting down from fixing the crumbling ceiling.

DR: “Welcome to Woodhaven”.

Cut to: FLASH of Hippolyta’s panicked PSYCHIC VISION of beetles falling from her own mouth, followed by her REACTION, grasping her mouth and forehead

DR: “Most of our patients are non-functional.”

Cut to: NURSE MAGGIE peeking her head out of a nearby office.

DR (voice over): “Your mother is here. Maggie? Show them to the cafeteria, will you?”

Cut to: Winding hallway to a cafeteria where insane patients wander – camera follows up to a woman’s back in a hospital gown looking out of a window.

Cut to: Soulshadow’s expression, a mixture of hope and dread.

SS: “Mother?”

Cut to: Woman turns around, revealing herself to be fully dressed in an evening gown, pearls, make-up, and is SOUL SHADOW’S MOTHER.

SSMOM: “Welcome! So good to see you.”

Cut to: Shoulshadow’s expression as SSMOM sprinkles him with glitter catching in the light. The glitter gives him a strangely angelic look.

Cut to: FLASH of SOUL SHADOW falling through HELL DIMENSION and growing BLACK WINGS.

SS (voice over): “What? What do you mean?”

SSM (voice over): “The Silver City! Don’t you remember? I’ve kept it hidden! (whispered) I knew you’d return one day.”

Cut to: Pages of a children’s storybook, showing a small boy with a RED BACKPACK running along a wooded trail.

Cut to: A very disturbed SSMOM tearing at her hair and wringing her hands.

SSM: “Of course I remember the kingdom. Why are you doing this to me? Is this a test?!”

Cut to: A scrapbook full of drawings and pictures, strange flowers pressed into the pages and a grainy photograph of a knight.

Cut to: Dr, handing over a SCRAPPBOOK and FILM REEL to SOULSHADOW

DR: “There was a children’s book… Far Arch I think. Your mother talked about it all the time like it was real.”

SSMOM (voice over): “Why don’t you remember who you ARE!?”

Cut to: BLACK with TITLES:

Delving into the past, who knows what the future will bring?

Cut to: Dust being wiped from the cover of a CHILDREN’S BOOK with a picture of a child with a RED BACKPACK.

Cut to: Pages of a book being flipped, showing flickers of writing and pictures, finally resting on an image of a DARK FIGURE.

Cut to: SOULSHADOW holding a LANTERN, walking up to a cave entrance wearing a RED BACKPACK.

Cut to BLACK with TITLES:

Silver Age Sentinels: Jet City Defenders – Tales of the FarArch

This Wednesday, August 11th, The Adventure Continues…

Cut to: SOULSHADOW from behind, as black wings burst from his back. An over-the-shoulder shot as he turns left, then right, revealing the JET CITY DEFENDERS poised for a fight. SOULSHADOW is looking FORWARD at a sunny green field, then up as a BRIGHT LIGHT appears high in the sky and then bursts into a cascade of color and light. The BLACK WINGS shimmer, as if about to change color.

SS: (Labored, excited breath.)


Loose Ends
Ur-worlders unite under two banners

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Olympic Triumphant
Lugers never prosper

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Aftermath and Olympic Mystery
Ur Refugees and the Olympic Dream Shattered

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A Ten Year Itch
Two days. One decade. No one survives unscathed.

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Doom Train to Crazy-Town
The Jet City Defenders go on Tour

After being sucked into a portal in Seattle’s undercity while attempting to defend Jet City, the Jet City Defenders awaken in a blasted hellscape next to a church that’s surrounded by a glowing green field. They see what look like dragon-riders in the distance coming for them, and run through the green veil into the building and begin fortifications.

Meanwhile, Mastermind has lost all communications from his base in the MasterWorks (unknowingly because the team is no longer in 616-Seattle). He knows his equipment can’t be at fault, and so (with Raul’s help) begins experimenting on the Egyptian Gate, to see if he can tune it to the life-force frequencies of the rest of the team.

The plan to board themselves in the church, behind the Jell-O like green shield, seems like a good one, until the green squid-like terror breaks through the floor. A mad rush for the exits ensues, and new member Inferno starts a chain reaction of explosions as a last-ditch effort to cover their escape. Six brave SWAT members lost their lives, but Standley and the rest of the Defenders made it out of the fire and into the frying pan, as the Wrak-riders land next to them and demand they surrender as outlander slaves.

Mastermind is joined in his efforts by the rest of the team (except for Milo), which he finds amazing, since he thought he had lost contact with them. They act as if nothing had happened, and by all accounts are themselves.

The team is rounded up and herded onto a lightning-demon-powered train, fitted with restraining collars and headed for the Urshothga capitol, but a rogue Wrak-rider working for the resistance explains that he intends to use them as assassins against their cruel leader who has destroyed their world. The party is taken into the slums of Lower Crazy-Town, where they meet the rest of a resistance cell and agree to make their way to the Imperial palace. On the way, the group is stopped by a caravan of guards, who they dispatch with little trouble.

Mastermind, meddling with forces even his considerable intellect cannot comprehend, activates a chain reaction that starts an explosion that throws him across the lab…

...and lands him next to the party, on the Urshothga homeworld. Hastily disguising himself, Mastermind (who does not have one of the restraining collars) moves with the party, headed to meet with the Urshothga world’s overlord.

What the result of that meeting will be, no one can yet say.

Urshothga Assault
The Hallow war begins.

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Undertown 2: Alchem-o-lectric Boogaloo
The Problem With Mr. Butler and other Tales Beneath the Earth

Soul Shadow – Nathan Geo returns from an exploration of the Undercity of Seattle to report that they have found a splinter group of scholars who protect the remaining knowledge of the Library of Alexandria. Milo Farley, meanwhile, has been studying Raul’s unfortunate scarification after his abduction and subsequent rescue from The Young Blackstones and recognizes the ancient symbols as beyond his own knowledge – but he knows enough to know it isn’t good. Raul is a ticking time-bomb, slowly losing energy as it seeps out due to the uncompleted ritual.

Milo asks Soul Shadow to take him to the Undertown, along with Hippolyta to request assistance in rescuing Raul from his fate. Meanwhile, Mastermind works on dissecting and learning the secrets of the Urshothga that are stealing children in the city and using them to build an army of super-soldiers to wage war from the Shadowfell.

Once the three of them (Milo, Hippolyta and Soul Shadow) make it to the entrance, they are greeted not by scholars but warriors who are upset at Soul Shadow’s deception, but with a good amount of barter and conversation, can be persuaded to answer the question of how to save Raul. Their eldest scholar allows the trio into the inner sanctum of the library, where they behold an ancient spectacle – a giant orrery, apparently accurate and updated with every astral phenomenon imaginable. The endless scrolls of the Alexandrians, however, do not include the new levels of data available from a simple iPad with Wikipedia on it, and they trade their knowledge of the situation for it.

Raul is in trouble. The ritual cannot be reversed, but a new body can be constructed for Raul, and his essence transferred into it, giving him at least a chance.

While all this is going on, Dreadnought does a surprising amount of field work, tracking down the patterns of the Urshothga’s habits and narrowing the SPD’s search to just three houses, all connected by a single underground retired subway station. He alerts Detective Special Liason Arland Standley to the most likely result, and then proceeds to butt heads with SPD, who wants to evacuate the families, which would cause the attack to be called off. Reluctantly, Standley simply posts police escorts in the house, but allows the families to be used as bait. Dreadnought spends the rest of the day reinforcing his position, waiting for nightfall…

Down to Undertown
Beneath where you tread lies darkness and dread...

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On A Boat
This ain't Seaworld, This is as real as it gets.

By air and by sea the Jet City Defenders raced toward a confrontation with the indolent youngsters of The Young Blackstones, Alchemy aboard a stolen mega-yacht. The JCD now knows that using the dark powers of the occult, along with stolen technology, the Blackstone children have been collecting more and more power, sacrificing innocent people in the process. Even more troubling, is the hostage held onboard the Monkey Business II, none other than Mastermind’s faithful assistant, Raul Butler, Seneshal, whose life hangs in the balance.

The ship, full of the angry ghosts of the sacrificed club-goers, site of the dark rituals used to give the teen Blackstones their power, has another visitor, the sea-bound JCD squad finds: Blackjack, waging a one man war against the men of Alchemy. Dreadnought, Natalia Petrosian, Binary, Milo Farley and Nathan Geo, Soul Shadow join in the fight on the foredeck, while up above on the helapad, Mastermind and Millie Thomblin, Hippolyta go head to head against the women of Alchemy. Both fights are brutal, resulting in a pint-sized Milo, one Blackstone sent to the bottom of the sea tied to an anchor chain, and more than one Blackstone consumed by the hell-vortex commanded by SoulShadow.

With Alchemy on the ropes however, something unexpected happened: One of them made a call to Gold Blackstone, intercepted by Mastermind. Gold and Mastermind made a devil’s bargain. The life of his assistant, Raul, and the Blackstone family’s continued silence about Mastermind’s true identity, as well as the Blackstone’s being banned from Seattle, for the end of hostilities toward the family by the JCD, and their leaving the ‘salvaged’ ship immediately. Fearful for Raul’s life, Mastermind agreed, and the JCD, and Blackjack begrudgingly left the ship, passing the Coast Guard on the way back, but not before Binary revealed she could call a demon to intimidate Blackjack to leave the situation peaceably – perhaps the same demon responsible for aiding her father, Victor Petrosian, The Seattle Butcher in an earlier killing spree. Deep in the hold within the ship, Hippolyta destroyed the ritual table where Alchemy was draining the energy of it’s vitims, and got a nasty shock: The interruption of the ritual being performed on Raul before her arrival came with a side-effect: 30 angry ghosts bound themselves to her mind, whispering and cajoling their secret urge for revenge into her mind.

Upon returning with the wounded Raul in what didn’t quite feel like a victory, Mastermind met with the mayor, Mayor Greg Dimes and agreed to cover up the rocket attack over Seattle’s port as an illegal firework display. Milo wasted no time attempting to purge the ghosts from Millie’s mind, and managed to detach 15 of the 30 from her, where they took up managing the occult library at King’s Street. Special Liason Arland Standley was at King Street Station as well, with more ‘good news’. 30 children around Seattle had gone missing that very same night, dragged into the shadows beneath their beds.

It looked like the future held little rest for the Jet City Defenders!


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