Silver Age Seattle

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Year One: Jet City Legends
A new day dawns in Jet City

Suggested Listening (CTRL+Click to open in new window)

It’s winter in Seattle. The monorail hisses by above you, drawing your eye to the amorphous structure of the EMP Building, and up beyond it to the Space Needle itself. Passerby on the street barely notice you, though you imagine everyone knows what you are, for now, your identity is your own, unknown.

It’s almost the year 2010 in Seattle. The Great Recession has hit hard, crime is at an all-time high. Everyone knows someone whose car or house has been broken into lately, or has been mugged. Many storefronts are shuttered and closed. Whole apartment buildings gape empty, broken window-teeth out onto gray streets filled with worried people scurrying about.

The shelters are full. The clothes of children become threadbare. Here and there are cars on the street, or parked in alleys that hold small families huddled together for warmth.

The last remnants of the leaves of autumn crackle beneath your feet, as you catch a smile from an old woman who passes you. She reaches into her coin purse to pass a few coins to a homeless man with an outstretched cup. He smiles back at her, truly grateful for the moment of kindness from one who clearly had very little herself.

The smell of winter rain on asphault mixes with coffee from the cafe down the street, and the waft of fried food from a nearby fast food joint. There’s change in the air, as the New Year fast approaches.

As morning the sun peeks out from behind the iconic Space Needle and warms your skin, for a moment you feel a sense of hope. Maybe you have the power to chance things. There’s something within you that’s different. A gift, a curse – power, that perhaps you can turn to some good end.

A plane roars by far above, skimming the line between the grey clouds and the peek-a-boo-blue sky. Jet City. That’s what they used to call Seattle back when Boeing was the only real industry out here. People would look up in the sky and see hope in every aircraft above their heads.

Maybe it’s time for Seattle to look upward once more.

Year 1: A glimpse of what is to come
What is glimpsed within...

Suggested Listening (CTRL+Click to open in seperate tab)

A modern day gladiator given a choice.

A prodigy given a chance for redemption.

A woman who can touch any mind, given the power to be touched in return.

A man with many hidden places given a way to look outside himself.

These were our unlikely heroes.

These are how, near the eve of a new decade, new Jet City Legends are born.

Dreadnought was little more than a common thug and an underground fight-circuit powerhouse with a taste for high-stakes combat. Doing odd jobs for the scum of Seattle’s underworld was just another way to make money – until the mob went too far. Pushing families out of their homes so a gangster consortium could buy up a section of town was one push too far. Now the Dreadnaught is pushing back, hard.

DREADNAUGHT: “Hey. Nice coat.”

(scenes of the transformation into DREADNAUGHT, bashing a guy underneath the chin so hard he bounces off the ceiling, snapping an uzi in half with his bare hands, throwing a table through a wall to knock a guy down the stairs, then stealing a thug’s jacket with a smile)

Soul Shadow was a man with a gateway to pocket dimensions… to hell who chose a higher path.

FOREMAN: “Look pal, you want this job, you look the other way. Those people can find somwhere else to live, or you can find another job.”

SOUL SHADOW: “Fine. I quit!” (tosses his hardhat on the ground)

(Scenes of Soul Shadow tracking mobsters up the stairs of the tenement, firing his gun and knocking a guy off his feet as it ripped through his knee cap, then pistol whipping him, bandaging him up and sliding two uzis into his pocket dimension seamlessly)

Millie Thomblin had always heard voices inside her head, but they came from the outside. A powerful psychic who is only now learning to listen to those in need throughout Jet City.

MILLIE: “Listen, I know times are hard. This is for you. (offering food to JAMES, living out of his car)

JAMES: “Thank you… you don’t know how much this means to me.”

MILLIE: “Hey, we all gotta work together and we can get through this. Things will turn around.”

(Scenes of character facing down a gunman with a bow and arrow, the thug falls as the arrow whips by the ear of Soul Shadow much to his surprise. Scenes of her touching the surface thoughts of others and flickers of her perceptions)

Mastermind was a mind unparallelled whose mastery of mathematics had once failed to comprehend the geometry of people and now sought redemption. A captain of industry and a mental prodigy, seeking to use his power to change the world.

AIDE: “He’s been intimidated boss. You can tell just by talking to him. He thinks if he sells to you he’ll either have to leave town or wind up with one of those goombahs setting fire to his car.”

Mastermind: “Then we buy the property and zone it ourselves. If they can exploit the property for tax purposes, we can do the same, and keep these people in their homes.”

(scenes of the character entering a SECRET ROOM where his costume is and taking a SECRET ELEVATOR to a DUCATI MOTORCYCLE and speeding off into the distance, cut to scaling the outside of the building, crashing through the window and performing a skilled attack, knocking a thug across the room, cut to leaping seven stories and landing on the back of a thug with a crunch, calling the hospital and throwing away his cell phone after.

Mastermind: “Yes? There’s been a Parahuman incident. You should come at once. Someone’s been terribly injured.”

MONTAGE of MILLIE drawing back an arrow on a bowstring, Mastermind climbing up the side of a building, SOUL SHADOW creating a DARK PORTAL, DREADNAUGHT, cracking his knuckles in an underground fighting ring.

Silver Age Seattle. Legends start here.

DIMITRI: “Screw you, I’m not leaving my home for anything short of a nice affordable apartment over a bookstore!”

MILLIE: “I have one.”

DIMITRI: “Oh. Really? Why didn’t you say so? I’ll be right there.”

Year 1: Training Day
These heroes have a lot to learn...

Suggested Listening (CTRL + Click to open in new tab)

VOICEOVER: Thunder. It always preceeds the worst of the storm.

SCENE: A flyover of Seattle on a thunder-lit night comes to rest on a building-top where Dreadnought stands in the pouring rain. Blackjack hits the ground from above with a splash, his SHOCK BATONS crackling with blue energy like bug zappers in the raindrops. The camera PANS while the two square off.

VOICEOVER: But on the streets of Jet City, the storm never stops.

Below on the street a DUCATI rolls up to ARMASTICE ARMS and Content Not Found: mastermind gets out and swings up to the fire-escape, scaling the building with acrobatic ease. As he crests the building’s edge, the ROOF ACCESS DOOR bursts open to reveal Soul Shadow. Blackjack tenses as a FRIEGHT ELEVATOR DOOR dings and swings open to reveal Millie who joins the Jet City Legends on the roof to face Blackjack.

BLACKJACK: “What’s it gonna be kids?”

SOULSHADOW: “You said I needed help.”

BLACKJACK: “I said if you were going to keep these thirty families safe from a hundred mobsters, you would have to work together.”

DREADNOUGHT: (Transforming) “Oh yeah?”

MILLIE: “This is all my fault.”

MASTERMIND: “It seems we have much to learn from you. Train me?”

Blackjack smiles, steps off the edge of the building, followed by Content Not Found: mastermind and Dreadnought who leap dramatically after him over the edge of the building. Soul Shadow runs to the edge and concentrates. Millie Thomblin, Hippolyta rolls her eyes and gets back into the elevator.

MILLIE: “Boys.”

MONTAGE of falling, swinging, and fighting is followed by the GROUND FLOOR ELEVATOR opening with a ‘ding’ as Mille watches Dreadnaught impact on Scotty and Quiet Jim’s car.


QUIET JIM does a dance to ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye and Millie asks him to join him in his car.

MILLIE: “You can get in. He stays.” (indicating SCOTTY)

SCOTTY: (as Millie’s car drives off with QJ) “Aw come on!”

CUT TO: Battle above the city streets on a HANGING PLATFORM between Blackjack and Content Not Found: mastermind. Flurries of punches kicks, sweeps and parries as Mastermind uses a bit of rebar to defend against Blackjack’s SHOCK BATONS. Slow motion montage of the SHOCK BATON ricocheting, hitting him mixed with MONTAGE of Soul Shadow buttressing the Armistace Arms by fitting bars and safety glass into the front of the place and Dreadnought projecting thoughts of the Underground Fight Circuit, flipping and punching pit fighters into Millie’s mind. Flashes of a fight at The Shark Club with Content Not Found: mastermind kicking POOL QUEUES into Mexican gangster’s heads, then back to the HANGING PLATFORM battle, where in bullet-time, Mastermind dodges a SHOCK BATON once, only to have it ricochet again and hit him, stunning him, and then again, unclipping the HANGING PLATFORM and causing him to fall. A vision of Soulshadow opening a HELLPORTAL and pulling in a gang-banger and then the reaction of Mille as she gasps at the mental image of a man being pulled from his feet into tendrils of darkness. Mastermind, still falling as Dreadnought is hit with a fist made of cinderblocks back in the minds-eye of Millie as she learns more about the Underground Fight Circuit. The HANGING PLATFORM shatters as it hits the ground below Mastermind, and he reaches upward in vain. Emma Falcon saunters sexily out of a Tembrook Technologies building as Millie watches and Raul Butler straightens his tie. Dreadnought peels himself out of the center of a car.

Emilio Ramirez, El Mecánico revs a SOUPED UP DUCATI in front of Content Not Found: mastermind and smiles.

EMILIO: “Now that’s what I call power, eh esse?”

MASTERMIND: “You’re hired.”

MONTAGE of previous scenes from episodes of the Jet City Legends, Dreadnought ‘parting the red Celica’, shattering the shields of Arthur Lankey, Arturius with his fists, Soul Shadow putting on his costume, tearing open a hole in reality behind a bathroom door and entering his POCKET DIMENSION, Arturius, devestating a street full of cars with Excalibur Millie knocking and firing arrows with deadly precision, Soul Shadow knocking out a ganster with the but of his gun, Mastermind leaping seven stories from the Armastice Arms, Dreadnought punching a guy so hard he bounces off the ceiling, at the last second, Blackjack saving Mastermind from falling by sweeping in, grabbing him and tossing him into a bus stop bench, followed by:

MASTERMIND: “I want to know everything about them. We’re probably going to need their help.”

MILLIE: “Ok, but I get hazard pay.”

Don’t miss the next exciting episode of Silver Age Seattle: Jet City Legends. Wednesday 9:00 Pacific.

CUT TO: Quiet Jim of Scotty and Quiet Jim riding along side Millie, quietly bopping along to the music. He gives Millie a suggestive eyebrow gesture, and Millie smiles. The sound of the engine revving and faint strains of ‘sexual healing’ can be heard trailing off.

Escaping the Nightmare
The team wraps up a few loose ends

After Soul Shadow’s powers go a little haywire and transport the team to a nightmarish shadow realm where the normal laws of physics don’t apply, the Jet City Defenders are forced to team up with Sinclair, a former enemy, just to make it out alive.

The entire world exists at the benificience of the Butcher of Seattle, who the party manages to defeat using teamwork and a co-ordinated attack.

Returning to the Prime Material Plane, the party is shocked to discover Natalya, Dreadnought’s girlfriend, has split into two distinct entities, and has to find some way to put her back together. They do, but not before making a horrible discovery and being forced to secrecy to protect the poor girl’s already-damaged psyche.

Dissension in the Ranks
They take the 'team' out of 'Teamwork'

It’s a time for relaxation and recovery. While SoulShadow helps Milo find the answers to the questions posed by The Gentleman (running into a few snafu’s along the way), Dreadnought attempts to smooth things over with Natalya and restore what remains of his now-shattered life, trying to salvage his career, his girl and his friends.
Mastermind has returned from his seclusion, with some ideas on how to best run what he considers his team. His relentless immaturity, from forcing SoulShadow and Dreadnought through a series of embarrassing ‘tests’ to being unresponsive to Milo and Millie’s pleas for him to be reasonable, tempers flared in a public (and ill-thought-out) ‘firing’ of Hippolita, who left at Mach 1, causing plenty of property damage to Mastermind’s facility.
Milo, once an outsider with little faith in the team, has literally been through Hell with Hippolita and Dreadnought, and wants to see Mastermind’s face, reasoning that the team can’t really gel until they know each others’ secrets. Mastermind fails to comply, and Milo storms out with Dreadnought to go find Millie and console her, leaving Mastermind the King of his own little world.


A Day at the Ballpark
A New Hero (or five) will Arise

While Dreadnought convalesces in Natalia’s care at the Armistice Arms, he turns the game on TV to pass the time. It’s Robins at Oceanics, and with two out in the bottom of the sixth, there’s an unexpected substitution in centerfield, as Baseball Cthulu subs in for the Robin’s CF, crushing him under its great bulk. It immediately goes on a rampage, lashing out with dozens of wickedly-barbed tentacles and damaging the structure of SafeEnoughCo Field. Since SoDo is right next to the stadium, the team immediately suits up and heads over to stop the carnage.

By the time they arrive, four baby cthulhus have been summoned. Soul Shadow immediately swallows up some, while Milo Farley and Millie make short work of the other two. Dreadnought, meanwhile, dives right in to combat the big bad all on his lonesome, standing astride a bottomless maw and doing what he does best – punching it.

With Soul Shadow’s advice, Milo is able to unlock the secret of the Gate Key of Seattle and finally begin attuning himself. He closes the gate as MasterMind ushers out the last of the innocent stadiumgoers, but unfortunately bisects Dreadnought in the process. Hippolita is able to restore him, and they immediately rush Dreadnought to a secure medical facility at the Masterworks where he recovers quickly.

But the damage has been done, and the team – formerly operating secretly – has been caught on tape, being heroic. The Chief of Police is livid, until the team suggests Special Liason Arland Standley be promoted to full-time liason to the group.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, how will things go for our publicly-outed heroes?

Let the Good Times Roll
They're all cheering - but is it for the Defenders?

Still riding high from their defeat of Baseball Cthulu, the Jet City Defenders opportunistically take advantage of a planned bipartisan voter turnout parade by joining Mark Franklyn on his float, making a grand entrance and generally exciting the crowd. It isn’t long, though, before princess waves and insults delivered in stage-whisper behind clenched smiles grow wearisome, and Milo Farley goes into business for himself, flying over to a media tent and having a typically-faux-pas Gatekeeper-style interview with Cathy King

Meanwhile, Dreadnaught and Mastermind keep their heads down, deep in telepathically linked thought with Hippolyta, who has requested time at the podium to quell the furies of her quickly-coalescing cult, the Daughters of the Amazon After an impassioned plea for peace, the quintet of burgeoning superstars take the Masterbego to their new home base, [[King Street Station | King Street Station]], where they are met by associates of Frankie Dahlia who work for the Mercy Force out east. Ghost Squadron offer to help out the team with a gift of telemimetic poly-alloy skinweave Monolith Gelsuits, but only Soul Shadow and Dreadnaught accept, with Mastermind taking a ‘serving’ but not applying it immediately. Hippolyta and Milo have doubts as to how this technological marvel will interact with their own gifts.

With the visitors gone, the team retires to their respective rooms to plan how to make the King Street Station their own.

Fear Factory Finale
Unstoppable Forces, Immovable Objects

As the confrontation with The Pirelli Brothers, underbosses of the Crime Alley arm of the 100 Gangsters, Italian La Cosa Nostra drew to a close, the Jet City Defenders found themselves in a pitched battle with mobsters who had access to black market weapons from the Ka’Hadan empire!

Added to that threat were the powerful parahuman mercenary team Fear Factory, bent on getting revenge for their routing at the battle at The Armistace Arms earlier.

After a brutal fight that left a couple of crime alley buildings in need of serious repairs and some on the team in need of medical attention, the Defenders emerged victorious.

Calling on support from Mercy Force to transport the villains to the The Paragon Project’s parahuman prison, The Gulag proved useful, as they were able to take custody of the illegal alien weapons and the parahuman threat, however as Special Liason Arland Standley commented at the scene of the crime, many questions remain. Where did the Italian mob get ahold of Ka’Hadan weaponry, and just how far up in La Familgia will the events of that night travel?

Date Night
Love and Robbery

Fresh off their recent victory over The Pirelli Brothers and Fear Factory, The Jet City Defenders decided to take a night off for opera and a chance at romance.

Natalia Petrosian, Binary deiced that her and Dreadnought needed some alone time so they headed out for a quiet dinner and a movie.

Commander Roger Brinks, Stars of the government controlled Para-Human group Stars and Stripes and Lady Gargoyle of the San Fransisco Gatekeepers arrived for their dates with Millie Thomblin, Hippolyta and Mastermind. When it appeared that Milo Farley and Nathan Geo, Soul Shadow would be without dates to the affair the ever resourceful Frankie Dahlia arranged for two beautiful escorts by the names of Elise and Seiko.

However everything was not as it seemed, Hippolyta quickly became suspicious of Seiko’s intentions and a mind probe reviled that she was in fact the deadly assassin Emma Falcon sent to gather information on the group and their connections to Tembrook Technologies. The information was quickly spread around the Jet City Defenders as they continued to the Seattle Opera House as the realization slowly dawned on them that the night’s proceedings may not go exactly as planned.

At the opera house, the entire group was greeted by a large media presence as Stars and Hippolyta and Lady Gargoyle and Mastermind were escorted to their respective box seats. Emma Falcon proved to be as subtle and as graceful as her reputation claimed by being able to avoid showing her face to the cameras as her and Soul Shadow walked down the red carpet together.

The performance began but it didn’t take long for people to realize that something was amiss. People began feeling disconnected and disoriented as items began to disappear throughout the theater. Hippolyta tracked the cause down to a group of thugs exiting out the back of the opera house. The team jumped into action to stop the criminals! Lady Gargoyle and Mastermind made a graceful and stealthy escape through the rafters and ventilation systems as Stars and Hippolyta ran out the front door of the theater. Soul Shadow and Milo Farley raced after the enraged Emma Falcon as she rushed through the back room. After a brief battle in the back ally it was discovered that the criminals were in possession of a strange alien device that alters people’s perceptions of time. It was also discovered that they had made off with all the stolen goods.

Stars took to the sky to try to track down the van full of pilfered possessions and was followed shortly by Hippolyta when she sensed the presence of 5 very powerful minds flying her direction. She quickly spotted what could only be described as a UFO and was able to identify 5 humanoid figures standing in it as the craft flew off. She attempted to follow it but lost control of her powers and found herself floating over the surface of the moon.

Emma Falcon returned to the lobby of the opera house followed closely by Milo Farley. One of the thugs was just beginning to regain consciousness as she leaped on him and began interrogating him. She reviled that something highly valuable to her was in her purse and that it had been taken along with everything else. After breaking the man’s arm he disclosed the location of their warehouse down by the docks in Sodo. Upon hearing this she rushed out the doors and disappeared into the crowd.

Mastermind contacted Raul Butler to retrieve the alien device and to ensure that Elise had a good evening before rushing off with Soul Shadow in tow. They arrived at the warehouse just in time to witness a battle between Stars and Emma Falcon. As they tried talking some sense into the pair Hippolyta regained control over her powers and quickly located her team. She was followed shorty by Milo Farley and Lady Gargoyle.

The men guarding the warehouse were scattered about the floor unconscious with a large white van parked suspiciously in the center. Mastermind opened the door and the entire building was rocked by a massive explosion. Soul Shadow and Emma Falcon both suffered massive wounds in the explosion but were able to be healed by Hippolyta. In return for this kindness, Emma Falcon explained that she’d been hired by the Dragon Syndicate to spy on Mastermind and Tembrook Technologies and that all of the events of the night had been set up by them. She renounced her contract and vowed revenge as she disappeared into the night.

The Jet City Defenders headed back to King Street Station to regroup after a long and exciting night but some of the members had a pleasant surprise awaiting them.

Hippolyta and Stars had a heartfelt talk where they reviled their secret identities to each other and set a second date… for the moon.

Mastermind and Lady Gargoyle spent a large portion of the evening driving fast cars and flying before retiring to a secluded location where Mastermind finally took off the mask.

As the evening wound to a close and everyone was returning home, Elise appeared at the front door with no Raul in sight, raising the question what happened to Raul and the alien device?

Identities have been reviled, romance has blossomed, and a potential new ally has appeared. Yet questions still lurking in the dark. Who were lose people in the UFO? What was is so valuable Emma Falcon would kill to have it returned? Where is Raul? Don’t miss the next exciting installment of Silver Age Seattle: The Jet City Legends!


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