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  • Laser pistol

    A staple of any space opera armoury, the laser pistol is an efficient, lightweight energy weapon. It usesw a variable intensity beam with three settings: a harmless low-intensity beam useful as a scope or pointer; a standard medium intensity weapons-grade …

  • Plasma pistol

    A handheld weapon that fires a burst of superheated matter, plasma pistols deliver a powerful punch for their size at the cost of economy. * 18 damage * Concealable * Spreading * Burning * Innacurate * Short range * Limited shots (6) …

  • Plasma rifle

    A two handed, more accurate version of the plasma pistol. Because of the rapid cooling and spread of the plasma shot, it still suffers reduced damage beyond short range. * 22 damage * Spreading * Burning * Medium range * 18 damage beyond short …

  • Plasma cannon

    A heavy plasma weapon, usually used as a squad support weapon or vehicle-mounted as an anti-infantry gun. * 28 damage * Spreading * Burning * Auto-Fire (maximum 5 hits) * Medium range * Static * 20 damage beyond short range * Limited shots (6) …

  • Flamer

    Flamethrowers are deadly anti-infantry weapons, though it can be risky using them in forested, urban, indoors, or really any environment. This is a handheld model; fuel is carried in a backpack-style reservoir, and it takes one action to ready it (setting …

  • Medium Flintlock Pistol

    Used as sidearms and dueling pistols. Based on Medium Pistol in TSdX core book. Use the Gun Combat (Pistols) skill. * 10 damage * Short Range * Concealable * Slow * Limited Shots (1) * Innacurate

  • Flintlock Musket

    Most come equipped with the Bayonet accessory. Use the Gun Combat (Rifles) skill. * 16 damage * Slow * Limited Shots (1) * Innacurate

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