Chrisperience and Gaining XP

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Setting overview – If you are new to this game, start learning here about the custom world Character Creation – Everything you need to know to build a superhero for Jet City
Character Advancement – Grow your hero with rules for gaining and spending experience. Out of Character Resources – From the Periodic table of Superhero Origins and Powers to the HeroBuilder character tool.

84466-13043-starman.jpgI have my own experience system that has been dubbed ‘Chrisperience’.

Definition: 1 Chrisperiance is worth as much as a single Skill Point (1/10th of a Character Creation Point), so ten Chrisperience = 1 “CP” as the book calls it. We refer to 10 Chrisperience as 1 Build Point also.

For Superheroes: I give 6 Chrisperience a night just for showing up
For Teenage Aliens I give 2 Chrisperience a night just for showing up

…and one extra for other various things:

  • Updating 1 wiki or Character gets you 1 Chrisperience (repeatable each week). This can be any details about encounters had with an NPC, descriptions of in-character locations visited, It doesn’t have to be a lot, just a few sentences, maybe a short paragraph – just help expand the world a little. Need help finding things to add to the wiki? Check out: !!!- Incomplete Characters, Items & Places -!!!
  • 1 Chrisperience for writing the Adventure Log post from the previous week (repeatable each week).
  • 1 time Chrisperience for picking a theme song for your character (post it on your character profile).
  • 1 time Chrisperience for creating a written background in the Character section for your character that includes things like family/relatives, origin story/eruption of powers.
  • Player nominations – We go round robin at the end of the night and nominate players for exceptional role-play. Whoever has the most votes gets an extra Chrisperience.
  • 1 time Chrisperience for checking out the Periodic Table of Superhero Origins and Powers and then posting your character’s ‘formula’ on your character page!
  • 1 Chrisperience for bringing food or drinks to share at game!
  • 1 Chrisperience for giving a fellow player a ride to or from game!

So in Superheroes, with a little effort you can get up to 11 Chrisperience a week, plus ‘one time bonus’ Chrisperience for theme songs and backgrounds, etc.
In Alien Teenagers, you can get up to 5 Chrisperience a week (not counting the adventure log and posts) plus ‘one time bonus’ Chrisperience for theme songs and backgrounds, etc.
As time progresses, I may give additional bonuses for other things.

Chrisperience and Gaining XP

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