Undead seattle

When the JCD discovered a dying universe through the Seattle Gate, it was an oddity to be sure, but none suspected that it’s power would be turned to such nefarious ends as Content Not Found: hades_ god of the Content Not Found: stygian-underworld_ could manage. Using the outpouring of negatively charged energy unwittingly unleashed by Hippolyta – Millie Thomblin and Content Not Found: milo-farley the wily god struck a deal with the warlike Content Not Found: aries god of war.

With an entire soulless universe at his disposal, Hades could create worlds upon worlds of undead. Once his universe was powerful enough, he could besiege any reality he liked! He’d leave enough living survivors to allow Aries to hone a race of perfect warriors, peerless survivors with the power to withstand any assault. Then both gods would retake Earth Prime and show their fellow gods what true power was!

Fortnately they were stopped before completely taking control of the alternate reality by the sacrifices and actions of the Jet City Defenders, though at great cost.


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