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Things have changed.

Parahumans are commonplace. Though they represent only a small subset of the world’s population, the changes that they have wrought upon the world cannot be underestimated. Countries economies have risen and fallen. Entire new technologies have been founded. Earth will never be the same.

Yet Parahumanity is not the only oddity on the surface of the Earth. Aliens walk among us. Earth, having survived three alien invasions, has now earned a place in the universe, tentative though it may be. Humans have now drawn the eye, and the ire, of a wider group of races. Rocked by galactic war, many races have been forced to turned to the upstart humans for succor, and Earth has become, for some, a sanctuary. Refugees from all corners of the local galactic sector are seeking asylum from the tiny blue world, and mostly for it’s young and vulnerable.

And among all of this, there are whispers that the darkest forces of the galaxy have gathered together for war…

And too, are there hushed prayers to long dead gods, both wonderful and terrible to behold.

What is to become of Earth? Of humanity and parahumanity alike?

Though it may seem unlikely, it may all rest in the hands, or tentacles, or paws of a few young aliens, lost and alone in a small northwestern city called Seattle, who alone may find untold truths about the universe, and ultimately, lead the human race into a new era among the stars…

This is the Jet City Legends campaign homepage. A Silver Age Sentinels heroic game using the TriStat Dx ruleset. We call it Silver Age Seattle and it’s NOW #1 on Google with that search term!

Let’s get started!

“While no one is expected to leap tall buildings in a single bound, all aspiring heroes will be tested on their courage, integrity, self-sacrifice, compassion and resourcefulness – the stuff of all true superheroes.” – Stan Lee

Getting Started

There are two Obsidian Portals pages that will be used for these games.
You’re presently on Silver Age Seattle, which is about Earth and Seattle and superheroes.
There’s also Silver Age Beyond, which is about space and aliens and things.
These exist in the same universe, and may call to each other interchangeably, because that’s how links work. :)

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Silver Age Seattle

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