Silver Age Seattle

So I have a father...
Coming to terms with a few issues I have recently been presented with as of late.

So we saved the world from total destruction, reopened the gates to hell, and now Drake, Guardian, and Guardian’s brother are the rulers of hell now. I think I will miss Guardian the most, i mean I will miss Drake too, but Guardian had a way of bringing up interesting points that changed my view on things for the better. Helped me understand this planet and its people, to always see that there’s always good in people and sometimes you have to look for it, but other times you need to know that you can not save everyone. There is a balance to the world, and it has to be carefully maintained.

On another note upon returning to Seattle and S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M headquarters, I was ambushed with the news that Ben (A.K.A Starborn) Is my father. Due to a change in his timeline, hes my dad….I’m not sure how I feel about it. I am a hurricane of emotions right now. I am angry because I know my father, and it’s not him. I mean… It is now, but that’s not the point! My mother still remains the same, but I- ugh. I am happy because I actually get to see and get to hang out with my parents again. I get to know them. I get to share my life with them. I come to accept it, I’m actually going to enjoy this. I will have parents again….maybe it is not all bad..

Seattle has been busy while we have been away, I guess the openness (I guess that is a word for it) of crime has gone down. Its still happening that’s for sure but its gone more underground now. Which worries me, makes me feel that it is more sinister, more underhanded. We have learned that there are threats occurring between two mafias. Several attacks on Seattle’s economy are being attempted. There is a huge heist occurring in the SPD that would eventually effect S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M if an investigation is done. Also, a major chemical spill in the harbor which if ignited could cause a toxic cloud to be released. I’m not sure if they are related or not. I do believe it is an attempt by either a group or a single person to keep us to busy to figure out and stop their real actions. Who knows, I guess we will find out.

We have a new person at S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M, Danny. A monk who until recently I guess was somewhere called Shangri La, I’ll have to visit there some time, it sounds nice. I wonder if Aliera has ever been there. I also met someone named Superman, whom Kismet seemed like in love with. She couldn’t stop giggling, it was weird to see someone who is always so serious acting like a small child. Also met some one named Kyle, he seems to not leave his lab very much, also from what hes been saying it seems that he has connections to the SPD. He Is also very insistent on doing things ‘by the book’. Going to be a bit of a change from Drake’s encouragement to ‘just do it, how ever it needs to get done’.

Well I have to go, I’m off to handle the spill in the harbor with my father, because plant control + algae = no more chemicals.

Signing off,

Return Home
Night Fire's Departure and arrival

The low roar of the motor fills the night air as the gunmetal cycle drives through the gates of the warehouse district before coming to a halt in front of one of the more run down warehouses. Taking a step off of his bike Night Fire removed his helmet revealing a smirk upon his face as his eyes made contact with the old building. Placing the helmet upon the bike he moved slowly reaching out to the door and opening it. To his surprise the scene still remained the same as it had been all that time ago, minus circle that once held an angel, the chains still hung from the ceiling even the stains from the blood that he had spilled during the fight with the cultist. He took a few steps in so he was just under the chains that once held a creature that before that day he really didn’t believe even existed.

The metal felt cold to his touch which only made the smirk on his face grow," This is where it all started," he muttered to himself as the memories of all that he had witnessed on his Journey with S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. From the fight against the Dragon upon the moon to Being swindled by the god Odin. He released the cold links and placed his hand upon the green ring he wore as the memory of having the King of Clown’s right hand woman upon his bike firing rockets into the on coming Black Lanterns. Turning he moved back to his bike his eyes Falling upon the rocket engine Quicksilver helped set him up with when they built it which brought the heat he felt as he straddled the rocket into battle back at the L.A. Museum.

As he threw his leg over his bike straddling it he gripped his helmet as his eyes moved to the stars. If it wasn’t for them the world would have ended. Without them it would of been filled with the dead rising back from the grave. With these memories the Song he had heard only a few times refilled his mind," Wonder how Angel boy is doing down in hell," He thought as he put his helmet on," Knowing Drake probably giving him just tha…" his thoughts were interrupted by the screams of a woman maybe a few miles away. With a smile and a rev of his bike the Song was gone," Seems like there is no rest for the wicked, which means no rest for me," He laughed as his bike lurched forward back towards the great L.A. streets, “Hey L.A. I’m back and I’m here to clean you up once again,” with that the rumble of the bike slowly faded away just as he did from the lights of Seattle.

The Escape from Capetown
Biomechanoid Terrorism

After the events of the prison, the group gets back together and plans an attack on the central hub of Brainiac’s miniature creation. With Dominion Door tagging along, the party descends into the depths of the prison and deeper still into the tunnels that run under the artifice as a supply line and access route for Brainiac’s minions. In the darkness of the underground hundreds of Brainiac bots stand motionless, waiting for orders or for alarm. Thankfully, the team is able to make it past the stationary sentinels and find the main control hub.

At the control hub the group encounters bionic engineers in charge of keeping the diagnostics of the miniature town in order. Quicksilver subverts the system, cutting off the engineers from communication, while Guardian makes an attempt to save the human side of one of the cyborgs. Red Ronin, and Starborn are ready when the healing goes wrong and unleashes a protohuman monster of Brainiac’s creation. The beast is taken out in short order along with its two other unconscious companions.

Meanwhile, Dominion Door and Quicksilver are in a battle of wills. Eventually Dominion Door presents a case that is convincing enough to grant him the ability to assist the computer genius in his work. After some masterful computing and a lot of psychic interference, S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. is able to make it out ot Brainiac’s trap, escape his ship, and make it back to Earth.

Bureaucratic Abduction
The Comet, Brainiac, and other reasons to stay home.

The team started a new day, the previous day’s exhaustion washed away by the first good night’s sleep in awhile. Crisis does not take days off however, and as soon as everyone was up, a new problem was making its way to the public eye. The city of Cape Town in South Africa experienced a mass exodus of its inhabitants in the wake of the comet flying across the sky overhead, every man, woman, and child lifted from their homes in a green glow that stretched to the sky. It became up to the team to decide how to take care of this new mission: Take it and travel half way across the globe to solve a mystery that could very will be linked to the group, or give it to Paragon and let them sort things out.

After a lot of back and forth SPECTRUM decides to take on the case themselves. In a jet provided by Agent Black, the group heads into South Africa with Dr Kismet to investigate the situation. They are received with fanfare in Johannesburg and are soon directed toward the problem at hand.

In Cape Town they find a deserted landscape with domesticated animals searching for their masters, unattended food and electronics, and all manner of debris. Those of the team with superhuman senses could tell that something was very wrong however, and it was soon apparent to those without them as well. The grid was too stable, the patterns too precise, powered down devices looked fabricated and incapable of proper function, and there was something above the city that only Starborn could perceive.

The true problem was realized when Kismet brought an interesting find to the groups attention.

Every computer generated text throughout the city had been translated into Kryptonian.

Just as soon as the team puzzled together what was going on, everything changed. Life returned to the city, people walked about everywhere, and Kryptonian became nothing more than a momentary glitch in the system. Unfortunately, life had not really returned to Cape Town in that moment. Instead, SPECTRUM found themselves transported inside the trap they had just realized was around them.

With the city at siege, the citizens ignorant of their plight, and the officials trying to keep everyone calm, our superheroes must do everything within their power to release Cape Town from the alien display they have been cast into.

Enter Eric Sin
The "taco truck" incident.

The Washington State Patrol says a fatal, fiery crash on Interstate 405 south of Lynwood near the I5 exit was caused by a northbound van that crossed the median and collided with two southbound vehicles.

Trooper Guy Gall says both southbound vehicles caught fire this evening, as well as the van due to a dangerous fuel leak. One woman in the van was able to walk away before it burned and attempted to flee in another damaged vehicle, but was stopped due to an unknown parahuman who witnesses say tore the door off of the car and physically removed her, then ran down the i5 exit after asking the carjacked victim where the nearest hospital was. The victim directed him south toward a local clinic.

Gall says the van driver did not appear to be impaired, however the van appeared to have been opened like an over stuffed burrito and how this occurred or why he crossed the median remains under investigation.

The mid-evening crash near Everett is currently backing up southbound I-405 traffic and is expecting to continue most of the evening and northbound traffic slowed as well.

The Dark Alliance
Villains prepare to make their moves

Lex Luthor – YOU FOOL! The police have 7 in custody and 13 is completely unaccounted for.

Blood Red Sorceress – Another failure due to the genetic ‘technological chicanery’. Magic would have solved this issue entire. No genetics to track back to your labs.

Ultimus – My code is sacrosanct and blessed by the queen herself heretic. The puny human mortal code is inferior to the materials I am used to working with, and it is

Muzks vanity that is to blame. The worlds don’t need more of his Ilk.

Evan Musk – One of me is worth ten of you in this world genengineer. If it weren’t for me you’d have been branded a war criminal by your refugee amazon defectors a

decade ago.

The Oberst – Silence all of you. Our transmission vectors have aligned and our new business partner has a few words to say.


Darth Crimonius: Gentlemen, lady. It is time. I have the equipment you requested and a new shipment of material from the Rebel scum within our brig. Soon your cloning

technology wil be aboard my battle station and our deal will be complete.

Ultimus: My Cloning technology Darth Crimonius.

Lex Luthor: Made with Lexcorp resources.

Elan Muzk: Incomplete resources since your agents failed to aquire the Kryptonian ship. And don’t forget my money and government connections. Not to mention a generous

donation of genetic material for testing.

Blood Red Sorceress: You egotist. Your genetic material is a gift only to that Ego. Besides, your assorted monstrosities would be nothing if they weren’t enhanced with my

infernal magical pacts.

The Oberst: And masterminded by me.

Crimonius: Yes, very well. We all have done our parts as per the agreement. The combination of our powers is unprecedented in all the galaxies.

The Oberst: Soon my faithful compatriots. Soon our combined strength will shake the worlds. Soon all will tremble at our might. Hail! Hail the Dark Alliance.


Rise and Fall of Heroes

Our heroes have been through much in the last few weeks.

Asa’s mother was kidnapped by Black Water mercenaries in a bid to take the strange ring that seems to be the source of many of Sam’s magical powers. During the conflict, Black Water mercenaries set a bomb off in an area full of civilians. Many died but it would have been much worse if not for the timely intervention of The Guardian, Asa’s angelic form. The Guardian was able to save dozens of lives and caused quite a stir by his public display of healing powers.

Our heroes made a new ally in the legendary hero The Red Ronin. The Red Ronin is a legacy hero and the mantle now falls on the shoulders the former Red Ronin’s son. Will he be able to continue in his father’s footsteps with all the honor and fury of his predecessor?

Quicksilver further developed his amazing suit technology and even designed a basic suit for Domino. Quicksilver also continued his relationship with the enigmatic White Hat and developed a new fallback just in case the worst should happen.

The group discovered that many of their new troubles revolved around a power struggle within the Dragon Syndicate of Seattle. The group managed to stop an assassination attempt on Hwang Jiang, the honorable and righful heir of the former Ha-Sing of the syndicate. A quest began to locate the Sword of Bravery and deliver it to Hwang, but every lead proved to be a distraction created by Hwang’s infamous brother and contender for the title of Ha-Sing, Wu.

During the investigation into the Dragon Syndicate there was a bombing attempt by the Four Brothers. Though the group was able to disarm the bomb due to the efforts of Starborn, Sam, and Quicksilver the bomb squad of the SPD had to be informed and through them, federal agencies. The group encounters the para-human team known as The Order. The group now found themselves on the radar of federal authorities.

The mystery of Sam’s powers was explored when the group visited Thornewood Castle and discovered a secret cave beneath it. The cave was impossibly deep and defied conventional thought with it’s layout and statues taller than the statue of liberty. The cave eventually led to the realm of dreams where the party met an avatar? dream? memory? of Merlin the legendary wizard. Every question asked simply led to yet more questions and left the castle with little to go on. While there a strange otherworldy force was felt by Domino, similar to the presence of Asa but with a darker tone.

Still confused about his powers and the conspiracy he found himself wrapped up in Sam decided to take a trip to San Francisco to learn more about his powers from the famed Mr. Mystic.

The young heroes discover that the power struggles in the International District are being capitalized on by remnants of the parahuman gang known as Fear Factory. With some detective work the group tracked Fear Factory back to an abandoned house. A conflict with the para-human gang ensued. The heroes faired well in the fight until the Hemogoblin possessed the body of the hemophobic Quicksilver by flowing into his veins. In an attempt to free Quicksilver from Hemogoblin’s influence Domino made a terrible mistake and attacked Hemogoblin’s mind and rendered him unconscious. As Hemogoblin passed out his body began to solidify while still within the body of Quicksilver. With nowhere to go within the armor the bodies of both hero and villain were utterly destroyed.

Luckily the failsafe that Quicksilver had developed kicked in and his mind was downloaded into a back up drive in his suit and he became electronic intelligence able to travel from machine to machine.

Domino still could not come to terms with the accidental slaying of both Quicksilver and Hemogoblin and attempted to turn himself in to the police to be put in the Paragon gulag where he felt the world could be safe from his repeated irresponsible uses of his powers. This attempt was temporarily thwarted by Agent Zero of The Order, and Domino was manipulated into sticking with the team for one final mission to end the troubles in the International District.

A final showdown with the agents of Wu Jiang began at the festival in the International District. Our heroes handily subdued Wu’s minion with the aid of local monks and Hwang’s agents and finally bring the power struggle to an end. Other information gathered by the party paid off as a simaltaneous robbery attempt at a local bank was foiled by local police and agents of Black Water that would have intervened in an unknown way were taken down by The Order.

With the power struggles in the International District finally resolved, our heroes take a deep sigh of relief and hope for some well earned rest.

The S.A.M. Setup

Game Date: Sunday, January 3rd 2015

Having successfuly made their debut with the defeat of Jester Pockets and his gang, our fledgling heroes; Starborn, Keruvim, Domino, Quicksilver, and Sam; each go their seperate ways. With the efforts of Starborn and Domino the heroes regather at the diner “Beth’s”, Sam’s place of employment. Starborn has a lead that the Seattle Art Museum’s visiting artifact known as The DaVinci Codex may be at risk. While it takes time to convince Sam to participate, it is agreed that the group should meet at the Seattle Art Museum.

The group is greeted with incredulity by the museum personnel. Considering they look like a bunch of high school kids, no one can really blame them. They are given a brief tour and explanation of the security systems. Quicksilver shows particular interest in one of the statues of Celtic kings across from the DaVinci codex. This is not Quicksilver’s first encounter with this statue. Shortly after the museum closes down, the pieces begin to fall into place.

A fairly regular mechanical failure on one of the cargo doors is discovered. Sam decides to go assist with the broken door. The damaged door leads to the guards on the other side of the museum leaving their posts to help repair the broken door. Domino’s mind reaches out and discoveres two intruders. All but one guard begin making their way toward the intruders. Quicksilver leaps into action, swift and easily subduing two intruders of Chinese descent. This is not Quicksilver’s first encounter with these men.

Meanwhile back at the cargo doors, an engine roars to life and a van crashes through the partially opened door. The one unfortunate security guard left their is crushed against the door as the van breaks through. The guard is severely injured, but is luckily alive. Sam does the sensible thing and attempts to call the police. Several armed men rush out of the van and take him captive, taking and destroying his phone. Two of the men tie him to a handcart and strangely begin wheeling him toward the DaVinci Codex’s display room while the rest run ahead.

Domino alerts the rest of the team to the new intruders and connects with their minds to learn their plans. Starborn rises from his normally crippled form. Keruvim raises a forcefield to protect himself, Domino, and the book. Much to everyone’s surprise, the forcefield slices through the intervening display cases. While the collective facepalm from our heroes is heard for miles, the Davinci Codex and its pages luckily remain unharmed.

Starborn detects a strange magnetic signature around the head of the Celtic king statue across the room the DaVinci Codex and prepares to intercept the incoming gangsters. Quicksilver tries to rush to the aid of Sam only to faceplant into the invisible forcefield erected by Keruvim. A now unconscious Quicksilver crumples to the ground. Truly a shot for the blooper reels. Domino whinces is sympathetic pain and delves into the depths of the criminals’ minds. Learning two very important things. One, they are here for the statue and the book. Two, they are also here for Sam. They were set up. But by who?

Domino erects an illusionary maze to stall the gangsters from reaching the exhibit room, causing them to run into the security guards rushing back to the cargo area. A firefight ensues. In the surprise of encountering each other, neither group harms the other. Domino provides Starborn directions to the fight and he joins the fray. Keruvim momentarily lowers his forcefield and collects the injured Quicksilver. The two men wheeling Sam forward come into range of the gunfight just in time to watch the rear gangster produce a hand grenade and fumble his attempt to throw it, causing it to bounce back toward them. The men abandon Sam to his fate to avoid the blast. Luckily, Sam was able to use his strange new powers to shield himself with rock and also free himself in the process by rolling over one of his would-be kidnappers. The rest of the criminals were easily subdued or scared off with effective illusions. The team decided to cut the head off of the strange statue in the confusion, believing it was a counterfeit. But they did not have time to examine the removed head in depth for the cause of the strange magnetic field.

The exhibit was saved, mostly. While the director the museum was upset over the damage, it was cosmetic aside from the counterfeit statue. A job well done and another layer of conspiracy revealed, our heroes retire for the night.

New Beginnings

Session Date: Wednesday, Jan 30, 2013
Game Date: Saturday, Jan 2, 2015

A desperate young man stands on the edge of a bridge and looks down at the pavement below, searching for answers. He doesn’t see any. He jumps.

A studious man looks up at a bridge, someone is on top of it and about to jump. He is running calculations and knows that if his suit were done, he could stop this. But it isn’t, and he can’t. A body hits pavement.

A slumbering mind in a hotel bed is jerked awake by the reverberations of a young man taking his own life…and returning. The mind has questions, first and foremost among them, where the hell did he leave his pants?

A herd of nerds gather around a fire and share drinks and stories. They just got done telling stories and smacking each other in the face with foam bats. Good day. A young man stares into the fire and tries to figure our why the fire has god damn runes coming out of it.

A glowing orb of energy floats in a lab and ponders its situation. It’s not dead, and isn’t entirely sure it’s alive. But hey, it can still think and that’s a good sign, right? Another man in a suit walks into the lab and plops into a chair, heaving a heavy sigh. He says he’s sorry. The orb responds.

The first two young men talk about the miracle that just happened. One tries to play it off, the other remains practical and insists the lucky survivor visit an emergency room after a fall like that. Their names are Asa and Luke. A curious mind named Clay silently follows them.

The young man by the fire named Sam concludes, after much todo, that he must have been drugged. Now everything has runes. Clearly a visit to the emergency room is in order.

The orb of energy has a conversation with a butler. There was a lab accident, now a cover up. The orb wills himself to be John, the man he was yesterday. To everyone’s surprise it works. Now the man named John has to play his part and go to the emergency room.

Five extraordinary men each walk into the same emergency room in their own time. Each for their own reason. But this morning they will all learn the same lesson. The right people, in the wrong place, at the right time, can be exactly what the world needs.

The not so merry Christmas

Last session found the party, accompanied by Nikola Tesla, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and his grandson who will become a famous Gatekeeper, in a graveyard. They had chased a mysterious man from the house of Charles Dickens on the night of his Christmas party in 1860. This man was caught by Echo trying to poison the wine the famous author was drinking. Thorn, dressed as the ghost of Christmas present due to her power backfiring and now looking like a pine tree, detected the poison, switched the cups, and tossed the bad wine out.

After seeing Echo run out the door, the party quickly decided that it had been a bad idea to attend the party and exited. At the graveyard, Steve, who had been causing both the Ratcheteer and A.I.D. much consternation by eating and drinking when he was expressly told not to, started to disappear. One or two jokes were made to the effect of Steve eating himself out of the future. Echo managed to communicate with the newly christened Invisible Steve and it was determined that he was still around, just not visible or touchable.

Seeing what was happening, it was suggested by multiple members to return to Tesla’s time machine as soon as possible so that the Disciples could get back to their own time. On the way and into the house, discussions on what the possible ramifications of actions taken in the past effecting the future caused much distress through the party. The ignorance of time travel and the power to do much damage to a future already doomed caused a great row. It ended up being that everyone pretty much agreed to the letter what they should do and not do, but not everyone understood.

After people walked away and cooled off, the Ratcheteer and Nikola Tesla went into his work garage in order to charge the Disciples time machine. There they discovered El Machanico on the floor out cold with a bump on his head and the time machine missing. Thorn revived him with smelling salts while Kid Rawr, Echo, the Ratcheteer and the rest of the party went to track down Tesla’s time machine. A button, the smell of cherry flavored pipe tobacco, track marks in the snow and the emotional resonance felt by Echo led the party to deduce that Jules Verne’s nephew had stolen the time machine and loaded it on a train to use for his own nefarious purposes.

A.I.D. translated the motto off of the button that was left behind as belonging to a secret religious organization with roots in the middle ages. Immediately, everyone set chase to the train by flight and by horse drawn carriage. What followed was a harrowing fight on the train and a sudden stop at the still under construction Kings’ Cross station. Filing the station were at least a hundred men in black bowler hats carrying swords. Jules Verne was shot in the knee by his nephew who was perched on scaffolding. A.I.D. healed Jules Verne’s knee, saying that he would always walk with a limp. He copied Kid Rawr and in mid-leap transformed into the werewolf-like Kid Rawr form, then he grappled with the nephew on the scaffolding in the station.

Kid Rawr activated his gate key.

A gate opened onto the visage of woods and old stone ruins.

Three figures with long crooked black daggers emerged from the ruins and came toward the gate and what can only be described as a wave of sheer terror engulfed the station. Most of the men with bowler hats sped off. Much of the party was also terrified.

Echo closed the gate, killing instantly two figures while one retreated. A.I.D. intimidated Jules Verne’s nephew into submission. Meanwhile, Thorn, in a trance-like state walked to were the gate had been. In the stillness of the underground station the weeping of a boy could be heard. A.I.D. went to the Jules Verne’s grandson and told him everything would be ok. The boy held up his hand, upon which sat a ring with glowing words and a crown inscribed around the edges. He replied that no, everything was not ok. The boy then got up and walked toward where the gate had been. He was at once terrified and enraptured. He described feeling the gate, the world that lay beyond it.

He ran his hand with the ring over the gate and the gate opened. The last figure in an instant stepped through and plunged the long crooked black knife into Thorn. She instantly collapsed unconscious, turned completely white and black started moving through her veins underneath her skin. In the next moments A.I.D., Kid Rawr, Echo and Magnetron all moved to attack the figure and protect Thorn. Magnetron dropped a full metal box car on top of the creature and it was supposedly done away with. A.I.D. went over to Thorn, assessed her injuries, and pronounced her beyond his healing abilities. She needed Elvish magic to save her. Hearing this, Kid Rawr, instantly swooped down and plucked Thorn up and leaped into the gate, leaving everyone else on the other side.


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