Silver Age Seattle

New Beginnings

Session Date: Wednesday, Jan 30, 2013
Game Date: Saturday, Jan 2, 2015

A desperate young man stands on the edge of a bridge and looks down at the pavement below, searching for answers. He doesn’t see any. He jumps.

A studious man looks up at a bridge, someone is on top of it and about to jump. He is running calculations and knows that if his suit were done, he could stop this. But it isn’t, and he can’t. A body hits pavement.

A slumbering mind in a hotel bed is jerked awake by the reverberations of a young man taking his own life…and returning. The mind has questions, first and foremost among them, where the hell did he leave his pants?

A herd of nerds gather around a fire and share drinks and stories. They just got done telling stories and smacking each other in the face with foam bats. Good day. A young man stares into the fire and tries to figure our why the fire has god damn runes coming out of it.

A glowing orb of energy floats in a lab and ponders its situation. It’s not dead, and isn’t entirely sure it’s alive. But hey, it can still think and that’s a good sign, right? Another man in a suit walks into the lab and plops into a chair, heaving a heavy sigh. He says he’s sorry. The orb responds.

The first two young men talk about the miracle that just happened. One tries to play it off, the other remains practical and insists the lucky survivor visit an emergency room after a fall like that. Their names are Asa and Luke. A curious mind named Clay silently follows them.

The young man by the fire named Sam concludes, after much todo, that he must have been drugged. Now everything has runes. Clearly a visit to the emergency room is in order.

The orb of energy has a conversation with a butler. There was a lab accident, now a cover up. The orb wills himself to be John, the man he was yesterday. To everyone’s surprise it works. Now the man named John has to play his part and go to the emergency room.

Five extraordinary men each walk into the same emergency room in their own time. Each for their own reason. But this morning they will all learn the same lesson. The right people, in the wrong place, at the right time, can be exactly what the world needs.



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