Gatekeepers - Andrew - King Rawr

The Wilds chose a champion, thrust him into a world that would test him, mold him, and make him ready for the true trials to come. The King of the Wilds has been crowned and his mighty roar can be heard through every gate.



Age: 22
Height: 6’1" (varies)
Hair: Honey Blonde, but may be any color at any time
Eyes: Same as above, but natural color is rather striking
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Distinguishing Features: Feral features – pointier ears, sharpened canines, clearer iris color, etc.

Note: Andrew was gifted with the full spectrum of human features, so everything (including his sex) could change in a moments notice.

When he is in his beast form, he grows to approximately nine feet tall, the notable yellow and red varsity jacket, pants, and sneakers that he often wears disappear to be replaced by red arm bands, a yellow crossed chest guard with a red border, a red loin cloth and ankle bands. His head forms into something resembling the cross of a dragon and a wolf with large sharp fangs, scales, feathers, fur, and bone decorating his bestial features. A large golden blonde mane swoops back from his prominent brow and tufted pointy ears to settle near the middle of his back. The soft skin of his groin, belly, chest and neck become scaled with a golden sheen. Soft fur covers those parts of his body that aren’t scaled for extra protection, but the lack of evident armor does not change the durability of his tough hide. The padding on his hands and feet become rough and durable, extend and grow to accommodate the fierce claws that make Rawr the deadly opponent that he is.


Andrew was left upon the doorstep of St Andrew’s Catholic Mission in Detroit, Michigan. The sisters of St Andrew’s raised him the best that they could, but from an early age their patron’s namesake showed a great interest in adventure and most often mischief. Of course, it was not until he was seven years old that the priests of the church had any cause to worry, for before this age he was simply looked at as a rambunctious child with more energy than any one person could tolerate for more than an hour.

When his seventh birthday came and went without much progress in the discipline department, things became a bit darker for Andrew. The clergy began to chasten him with benedictions and small punishments with dramatic results. The silver goblets burned and blistered his lip, the silver and gold crosses made him faint or otherwise breakout in sores that would heal soon after exposure. Andrew started hiding away from those that were the most adamant that he be disciplined.

Rumors eventually began to spread that he was possessed, but before anything could come of it, murder and destruction came to the orphanage. Andrew’s most beloved friend and teacher, Sister Bunnefield, was murdered by a sinister and dark figure from Andrew’s young past. In the aftermath of blood, chaos rained down upon his broken home, a fire took the building and everything in it. The last act of an unknown savior gave Andrew the escape that he needed to survive.

The first power Andrew developed was the ability to mimic other humans, to blend in with other children. This caused a couple reactions in the kids of Detroit, awe at his cool ability to change his features, and fear of his freakishness. Little surprise that he appreciated the first rather than the latter.

Where he failed to succeed with other children he soon began to win over the animal kingdom. Dogs, cats, squirrels, rats, raccoons, pigeons, and crows were his second family in the city, as he began to understand them and their ways. The more he understood, the stronger his relationship became with all manner of prey, predator and scavenger, eventually giving him what he needed to bond with them and mimic them as well. Though the bond only lasted for a short period after contact at first, it gave him more tools for survival.

It was shortly after his ability to soul bond with animals manifested that he met Magnatron. Only a pint sized super hero at the time, but still a super hero as far as Andrew was concerned. Up until that time he had only ever seen the deeds of real super heroes on neighborhood televisions gazed through open windows. He very much wanted to be one of them and have everyone think that he was cool rather than scary, except for the bad people, they could be scared.

Andrew followed Magnatron around awhile, keeping hidden as much as possible until eventually introducing himself in the form of a golden retriever that roamed the streets. Andrew got a lot of practice using his animal mimicry during this time, and also earned the name Rawr from his new friend who still thought he was just a dog. Together, rug-rat super hero and faithful ‘canine’ side kick fought imaginary crime and small time criminals (like the mean mini-mart clerk) for a long time to come.

It wasn’t until the poor retriever Andrew was bonded with died that his friend learned the truth about his identity. What a day that was…

  • The Gate Crisis

Andrew, self proclaimed Kid Rawr, was the star of the parahuman football time at the Tenbrook funded school in Seattle when Seneschal brought together the Junior’s for a mission of grave importance. Originally thought to have been sent out as messengers, the team went through many trials as they hopped from realm to realm attempting to find allies that would assist Earth with the Chaldathan threat. Along the way, Andrew sired a son with a chocobo on Gaia. Little Rodger was born some weeks later at a site of great spiritual significance in the mesas of the southwestern United States.

Just before the final battle to come, the Juniors found a world new and pristine, lost to time and thought. The Wildlands as Rawr would come to call them was where he found his crown and his eventual home as a Gatekeeper, but that was still a long time to come. Hereafter he announced himself as King Rawr, much to the chagrin of his teammates.

A skillful and overpowering fighter, Rawr fought his way through the Chaldathan horde and laid the killing blow on their Empress while avoiding the abundance of the present precious metals that were his bane.

  • Aftermath

Andrew grew in power almost overnight as his bond with the primal realm settled, and through this transformation he was able to continue working with the parahumans of Seattle to fight injustice and criminal activity. Mind you, he was often bordering on criminal himself from time to time, but through the tutelage of Agent Black, he worked through his vigilante syndrome and grew in wisdom, if not smarts.

  • To Hell and Back

After insisting on multiple occasions that the group make the trip into Hell to find Rodger, the group finally gave in. They fought their way through level after level and eventually found him in the keeping of a very devious demon. There was arena combat and lots of acrobatics, but Rawr came out the victor and reclaimed his lost child. Thankfully Rodger was not worse for wear, but he had picked up a rather disastrous bit of magic while he was there that had the potential to lay waste to large areas with unerring accuracy.

  • Fukishima

Rawr was way out of his element here, but he believes that he caused time to reverse, thus assuring his status as at least a minor deity of some sort. I mean, really, what else but a god could reverse time? Seriously.

  • The Civil War

Rawr was against the registration of parahuman abilities, but for his own reasons as well as those of his friends and movement as a whole. Rawr did not fully understand his abilities and did not know where they came from, so putting down on paper what he could do when they changed so often and so readily was something he both dreaded and fought against. While he did not have much to add to the intellectual debates and the political intrigue unfolding, his lighthearted nature and adventurous spirit was bright star for those fighting against the oppression of prejudice.

  • Gatekeeper

Rawr is the guardian of the Seattle gate under Safe Enough Co field and spends most of his time in The Wildlands with his children. His duties come through his seneschal, the white stag, and he is often called to other dimensions in order to deal with one threat or another. The gate key that he holds is one of three unique Master Keys that resonate with all gates that it comes in contact with, so gate travel is something of a specialty for him. Although the key eventually settled on Seattle’s gate, this, along with the strong soul he bears, the new magic he is slowly learning, and his stalwart nature, make him well suited to the defense of the worlds at large.

Name of Daughter: Arawra Bunnefield Andrews

Gatekeepers - Andrew - King Rawr

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