Brenner, Asa

A highschool student that had a lot to lose, but didn't know it. Now that his life has been guided by celestial forces, what will come of him is yet to be seen.


Name: Asa Brenner
Age: 18

Classification: Superhero
Superpowers: White Wing
Threat: Ally
Group Dynamic: Personal Friend of Kyle Standley


Asa Brenner:

  • Child of a broken home, only son to a newly divorced mother, and plagued with loads of high school drama, Asa found himself at the bottom of a final choice, his suicide. A radiant light mended his broken body and breathed new life into it. Now Guardian is working to make what he would have left in shambles right. The effort to bring peace to a young man’s existence may not be terribly complicated, but it will take time and a soft touch.
  • Asa takes a backseat in the beginning of this new journey. Guardian’s stoicism showing through while Asa went about day to day activities at school and at home. The change in demeanor went unnoticed by his mother, a kind medical nurse, due to Asa’s already very depressive behavior and had no impact on friends, because Asa had none to speak of. On the other hand, the solemn and vigilant nature of Guardian was a benefit to the newly forming band of super heroes that were fast becoming friends. The single-sided-ness of the duality wasn’t to last however, because Asa made a break for the surface when danger entered his home and tried to strip him of his mother.
  • After being kidnapped at the hands of the mercenary group Blackwater, Asa’s mother decides to move from the home they have known for so long into an apartment that would allow Asa to still attend school as normal. Thankfully, the realization that her son is something more than your standard human does not seem to upset her, but her concern shows through. She persuades her sewing circle into making a costume for her son to use while he is out fighting the good fight, for there is a fear of the cycle repeating itself if discretion is not used. If she knew the true story of her son’s current existance, perhaps she would not be so accepting and nurturing, but for now she is doing everything a mother can to support her son.
  • After tangling with the Tong and putting the turmoil of the International District back on even tracks events conspire to rip the team apart when Quicksilver is fatally wounded by Hemogoblin’s invasive nature and Domino’s attempt to remove him, but Quicksilver’s consciousness was uploaded to his armor just before death. Though the team did not suffer any true losses, it still took a big hit with the departure of their telepath who could not bear with his feelings of guilt. This had a big impact on Asa, for he had found a good friend. To ease his mind, Asa turned toward his school life with almost all his attention. Unfortunately, residing in the same body as an angel makes trouble where he has to deal with it, and now that the big things are out of the way, his personal life is being turned upside down.
  • Homecoming is just around the corner and Asa has started to show through more, but he has changed somewhat. Where before depression and despair ruled him, a new sense of purpose and determination has taken charge. While this is definitely the influence of Guardian, it has become a new part of him, and one that wants to help just as much as Guardian does. Thus, White Wing is born.
  • White Wing helps clean up crime around his neighborhood, keeps the school safe, and sidekicks with superheroes as a cover for Guardian. As a sidekick, he pays attention to small pieces of subterfuge in his power: a laying on of hands to heal, a more directed focus on smaller shields, a very rare use of Romphaia, and, of course, no wings or blinding beauty. With the new duds that his mother and her sewing circle finish for him, he becomes able to stand beside his group instead of constantly trying to hide from the lights, the cameras, and especially the authorities.
  • Meanwhile, Asa finds that things weren’t as bad as he once thought they were. Homecoming finally comes and with it an unexpected encounter, a football player by the name of Scott Probson, as well as a personal revelation in the form of the Homecoming Princess’s crown. In one night Asa’s perception of the world he had grown up in shifts dramatically in a direction he never expected and fuels his ego with a new fire. Unknown to him, the events surrounding him were growing even before he made his fall from grace, and had he known, he would have had crucial hope when he needed it most. However, now that a new light enters Asa’s life, the boy, not the angel, truly has something to fight for and protect.
  • After the death of Scott’s father, Max Probson, Asa is prompted to reunite with his father to mend the rift between them. Upon meeting him it is learned that his father had been caught up in a crime circuit that owns the race track. With the help of Ben, Guardian overcomes the criminals and scares them away from their intended actions. The revelations that are brought down on Asa’s father in those few minutes mark the end of Guardian’s part in Asa’s life as the angel moves on to another lost soul in need.
  • In the wake of Guardian’s passing to a new host, Asa was left with more questions than answers and a fractured memory of the months since his suicidal leap. Now living a life that does not feel like his own, he felt betrayed by Guardian and was angered by feeling cast aside. Asa resolved to confront the situation head on and talked to Kyle and Renee about how he was fairing. The result is that Asa is now a freelance writer under the tutelage of Kimberly King and will now play a closer roll in the team’s exploits (from a reasonable viewing distance that is.).
  • Asa is no longer with Scott, but his time in nowhere near empty. The now less emo teen has started a neo-Christian superhero blog that gives advice and thoughts meant to help everyone be a better citizen. Being able to post the goings on of S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. from an inside source definitely doesn’t hurt his viewer ratings.
  • Learned that he was evil in a past life. Sometime during the height of Rome’s power, Asa was a superpower in his own right with an arsenal of powers very different from those he currently wields.

*Currently hanging out in New Jersey attempting to find out what he wants to do with his life.

Brenner, Asa

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