Eric Sin/ Specimen 23

An illegal experiment turned deadly who is out to find and hone itself as well as the inhabitant inside of him


Name: Eric Sin
Group Affiliations: S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.
Occupation: Private Eye
Territory: Washington for the time being
Age: 19
Gender: M
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 150

Body: 5
Mind: 7
Soul: 10
Health Points: 70
Energy Points: 80
Shock Value: 14
Combat Value: 7
Defense Value: 5


Stealth 3×3 = 9
Disguise 2×3 = 6
Burglary 2×3 = 6
Urban Tracking 2×3 = 6
Police Science 3×4 = 12
Interrogation 2×4 = 8
Controlled breathing 3×1=3

Unknown Superpower 9×1
Alternate form 18×3

Name: Specimen 23
Group Affiliations: Eric Sin/Himself (Works with S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.)
Occupation: Experimen/ Heavy hitter
Age: ?
Gender: M
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: ??

Body: 14
Mind: 5
Soul: 12
Health Points: 130
Energy Points: 85
Shock Value: 26
Combat Value: 10
Defense Value: 8


Mass increase 4×8
Super-strength 5×4 (4 from mass increase) (1000 tonnes, +80 damage, +32 str checks)
Armor 4×6 (
4 from mass increase)
Damage Conversion 4×8 (4 points/ 20 damage)
Regeneration 5×6 (25 health points.per round)
Jump 2×1

Special Defenses 4×1
Do not sleep (2 slots)
Do not breath (2 slots)


Involuntary change

Project Super…. Not many people know about this project hell only a select few out even know what this project is; as for me this project has become my life. My father Adrian Sin was a brilliant scientist assigned to this project trying to prefect a serum to give powers to those without any. He and his fellow colleagues saw this a way to even out the playing field in the case of a Para uprising. There was something they didn’t know though, something big, while they toiled over the equations and the machines there was someone bigger controlling them like puppets who wanted this serum for something much more diabolical. With every attempt at the serum came yet another failure and after the twenty second attempt they were all but ready to give up. Though my dad wasn’t defeated that easily instead he started to bring journals of his work home with him as well as equipment. Project Super became….. no WAS my dads life and because of that I was forgotten; or so I thought. Unknown to me while I was maybe six while I slept I became my dads newest experiment, something he could watch closely everyday, something he didn’t need to rush. For three years I showed no potential no signs of powers I was another failure. Then during dinner one night is when it happened. Father came home drunk and angry at all his failures and tonight he aimed them at me. He chased me about the house calling me worthless and Pathetic. Father eventually cornered me brandishing the empty bottle of scotch he had; I was afraid then I blacked out. When I came two the house was a mess it looked as if a car went crashing through it right before a tornado manifested inside only tearing up the inside. There he was though in the library on the floor his throat lodged with what I am only assuming was the Bottle he was brandishing earlier…. my father was dead. After that I was put through the system being passed from house to house, foster home to foster home, none ever lasting longer then a few months thanks to some strange case of someone in the family or neighborhood being hospitalized or killed. I was always blamed but there was never any proof at the scene to suggest it. I was labeled a monster child, completely helpless. From there on out I spent my time in an orphanage. during this time I became infatuated with Detective shows like CSI, Bones, and even the oldies like Dick Tracey. I wanted to be just like them so I began to self train in the private eye game…. well actually that is all it was a game I used to focus and keep myself out of trouble. When I turned eight-teen I was sent off into the world like any other Orphan of age. For a few months I worked in as a errand boy for a local detective, wasn’t paid much but it gave me a roof over my head, that was until a package was sent to me. Inside was several old beaten up books, they figuratively look like they went through hell. I peeled back the cover and inside all it said was “XXIII Journal of Adrian Sin” my fathers journals. I flipped through them everynight reading a few entries at a time; that’s when it hit me and it was spelled out to me:

August 2nd, XXXX

It’s been a couple years now and he still hasn’t shown any new signs of powers. Did I mix the serum wrong again? This poor child has had more serum put into his body then any of our other subjects and at least by this point they would of died from serum poisoning or at the very least shown some kind of potential before having to be put down because the were to unstable. This gives me hope that something good will come from this project and I really hope so for our OWNER (this wasn’t the first time I was this) has began to get furious with us saying our dream just won’t ever come to fruition and that if he doesn’t see some better results soon he will be shutting down the Project for good. I can’t have tha!t my whole life has gone into this work, my wife left me because I became to “invested” in this project that I “CARED” for it more than I did her, Then after years of not seeing her I find out about her death and about a SON that she had been hiding from me. After that I was to take care of the young lad, though the workers of the house and department were more then happy to take care of him while i continued my work. Though here I am again at the last few inches of my rope clinging to strands hoping for a breakthrough so bad that I even used my own son as a specimen for this project. the twenty-third specimen; no one at work has wondered why I jumped over the twenty three when it came to the experiments at the office….. I am sorry son……. but this is both mine and your last hope….. I love you..

That was the last entry in the journal. it was dated the day of his death; the night that I killed him. Dropping the book to the floor there were so many questions unanswered but there were only two that rattled my minds cage, What the hell have I become? Who the hell is this OWNER that he spoke of in many of his entries. After that I quit my job and went out on a journey to get these answers… as well as find more of his journals to see if they can give me some answers.

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Eric Sin/ Specimen 23

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