Blackburn, Jeff

The example of the common heroic individual. Also, a garbage man and engineering student.


Name: Jeff Blackburn
Nicknames:" Jeff, Angel of Cupcakes", “Cupcake”
Age: 31

Classification: Deceased
Superpowers: Unknown
Threat: N/A
Group Dynamic: Noble Bystander, War Veteran


Most well known for the heroic deed of saving a baby in a runaway stroller, Jeff is a pretty average American. Unfortunately, during his route the day after the city wide black out, an out of control vehicle sent Jeff’s truck into an uncontrolled spin down a populated hill. As he died, Guardian came to him, mended his wounds, and continued his heroic legacy by helping the other victims of the accident.

Jeff has been studying to become an engineer and will be pursuing a career change that can put him in position to directly help people on a regular basis. Although he does not seem to have any unfinished business or deep rooted problems in his life, Content Not Found: keruvim-aka-archie has been looking for ways to improve things. So far, the things that seem to trouble Jeff are largely internal: Flashbacks and memory loss from a war that he doesn’t want to remember (a significant malady for the both of them).

As the story has progressed it has become obvious that there is more to Jeff than his day job and heroic undertaking. Deep under layers of repression lie memories that have been forgotten about sights that Jeff no longer wished to see. Flashes of mortal battles in Afghanistan come at inopportune times, haunting an otherwise fortunate existence. If there is anything to be learned from this, it is likely that Guardian will have to come to terms with both the memories of his host and his own forgotten past. His brother, whom he had been living with up until just recently, filled him in on as much detail as he could.

Blackburn, Jeff

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