*S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. - Guardian

Through time and through fire, energy and hope manifest into a divine guardian with a hidden purpose.


True Name: Penemue
Of the Labbim order of Angels
Current Mortal Alias: Jeff Blackburn
Body- 5
Mind- 5
Soul- 10

HP- 75
Energy- 75
ACV- 7
DCV- 5

Reincarnation- 1/day, Stopped by being killed using the silenced Sword of Revelations.

Alternate Form: Angelic Visage- Burns Energy (10/Hour)
*Features: Beauty- 3
*Flight: 2(4)- 100kph
>Defects- Detectable: Wings (Restrainable)
*Armor [Shield Only] 2 (1)
>Defects- Linked to Wings
*Awkward Size

Power Flux- 3(5)- PMV 6(1/1min) ((44CPs))
Base: >Healing 1 (4) Area, Range 1, Targets 3
>Defects- Detectable: Divine, Sight (Radiant Mending), Sound (The Song)
Base: >Force Field 2 (4) Area 3, Duration, Range 2, Regenerating, Blocks Teleportation, Field Penetrating, Blocks Incorporeal, Air Tight
>Defects- Detectable: Divine, Sound (The Song (subtle))
Base:>Armour 1 (3)
>Defects- Detectable: Divine, Sight, Astral

Environmental Control 1 (1) Area 3, Light
>Defects- Linked to Armour, Cannot be turned off
Adaptation- Age(2)- Angelic persona, not host
Mind Shield- 3(1)- Range(1), Targets(1)
>Defects- Detectable(The Song) – Mental, Astral, Divine, Spiritual
Telepathy 2 (3) Range 1, Targets 1
>Defects- Linked to Mind Shield, Empathic Projection: Peace only
Contamination 3 (2)- Guardian Cells
>Defects- Detectable: Divine

Unique Attribute- Tongues- Can read, understand, and speak any language (GM discretion on alien languages)

Special Movement- Untrackable

Item of Power: – Sword of Revelation (Rhomphaia) 4(4)
Base Item- Broadsword: Damage 12, Muscle Powered
Unique Attribute: Can be summoned by Guardian as long as it is not being wielded & can be unsummoned (as Dimension Hop) by Guardian if he is wielding it. (2)
>Defect: Concentration (-1)
Defect: Unique Defect (“Vulnerability” to being used to harm an innocent. Must be ritually cleansed to recover powers.) (-3)
Special Attack 7 (28) [140 Base Damage]
>Abilities – Penetrating (Force Field), Penetrating (Armour), Affects Incorporeal
>Disabilities – Melee, Hand Held
Defect: Maximum Force (Special Attack) (-6)

>Nemesis 2
>Recurring Nightmares 2
>Unique Defect: Host Issues- 3 (3 points of Defects acquired from the background of the host that Archie will be attempting to resolve over the course of his time in the body.)
>Defect – Achilles Heel: Silenced Sword of Revelations (-1)
>Defect – Vulnerability: Silenced Sword of Revelations (-3)

Host Issues: Jeff Blackburn
> Nightmares

Acrobatics 1 (Balance)
Boating 2 (Small Boat, Knots)
City Knowledge [Seattle] 1 (Downtown)
Computers 1 (Artificial Intelligence)
Cultural Arts 1 (History)
Domestic Arts 2 (Cleaning, Home Budgeting)
Driving 2 (Big Rig, Small Truck)
Etiquette 3 (Lower Class, Middle Class, Upper Class)
Gaming 1 (RPGs)
Gun Combat 1 (Pistol)
Management & Administration 2 (Government, Marketing)
Medical 3 (Triage, Sports Medicine, Diagnosis)
Melee Attack 3 (Swords, Spears, Clubs)
Melee Defense 2 (Swords, Wings)
Occult 4 (Demons, Numerology, Rituals, Angels)
Police Sciences 2 (Criminology, Forensics)
Physical Sciences 2 (Mathematics, Engineering)
Ranged Defense 1 (Personal)
Social Sciences 1 (Theology)
Sports 4 (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf)
Stealth 1 (Silent Movement)
Street Sense 1 (Territorial Divisions)
Writing 1 (Poetic)


Periodic Table: ATpHDzFfSzFAr

Original Theme: -Supreme Beings of Leisure – “Angelhead”
Alternate Theme: Lindsey Stirling – “Take Flight”

Penemue aka “Guardian” of the Labbim (observers/healers)

What we know: Guardian was a servant of the archangels under Raphael and Abraxiel (Abraxis). He is a Labbim, angel of healing and knowledge, and of one of the highest orders. For giving the knowledge of the written word to humanity in ages long forgotten, he was sentenced to an existence outside of Heaven. By his own doing, or by the order of a greater force, his power has been greatly limited in this battle, but he will persevere regardless. Up until recently Penemue’s agenda was unknown, but it has become reasonably apparent that his task is wrapped up in the preservation of SPECTRUM and the recovery of the key to Hell and the relics of the angelic concepts. To add to this confusion, his memory of the celestial realms is foggy at best, so Guardian must always have faith in himself, his purpose, and what he believes in or suffer the paralyzing doubt of questioning the truth of one’s identity. He fell to cure humanity of their ignorance and stupidity, and yet his own ignorance and stupidity troubles him still (and his arrogance troubles his team from time to time).

Guardian angel of the SPECTRUM members? Of one in particular?
-The first and neither. Guardian exists because he is needed, because it is necessary for the knowledge resting dormant within him to be both out in the open and guarded closely. Putting himself and his secrets nearest to those dedicated to protecting the Prime Material Plane only makes sense.

What is the true purpose of his cohabitation with hosts?
-Originally thought to be a symptom of his Fall, it has come to light recently that this may not be accurate. Unlike his Fallen contacts, Penemue has his title and office intact within the Celestial Order and can still hear the Choir. Papa Midnite spoke of a ritual (at least in metaphor) Penemue may have performed that plotted the course of his hosts in order to teach himself something or to make possible the writing of certain events in a particular pattern. The true goal is still obscured.

What are the machinations of the demons residing in Seattle? Are they the cause of his descent to Earth?
-Hell has been closed, the gate has been locked, and the demons are hunting the Key to Hell’s gate in order to throw the doors open wide. They will use every method they know to find the object that they desire, and it is Guardian’s task to keep the knowledge and the key itself from their grasp. Reverie, the Conception of dreams, whispered that the key was closer to Guardian than he had yet imagined (which is incredibly spooky from Pen’s perspective).

Where did Guardian come from?
-The memories that Penemue has been able to piece together last put him in the wars of Heaven during the descent of Lucifer. Specifically, he remembers being at the site of Lucifer’s touch down, but the perspective of these events were very strange.

First Incarnation: Asa Brenner

Second Incarnation: Renee Montoya, Natalia Petrosian

Third Incarnation: Ken Griffey III

Fourth Incarnation: Jeff Blackburn

*S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. - Guardian

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