S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M - Sentinel - Standley, Kyle Lawrence


Kyle Standley is the adopted son of police commissioner Police Comissioner Arland Standley, honor roll student, and former starting quarterback and captain of his high-school football team. Though neither of his parents are para-human, Kyle has found himself blessed with enhanced senses, superior agility, the power of flight, nigh-invulnerability, and amazing strength.


Periodic Table: AOLgFISVxSnH
Theme Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBjAi85psIg

Kyle was introduced to the group that would come to be known as Spectrum but the former host of Content Not Found: keruvim-aka-archie, Asa Brenner. The two quickly became friends, bonding over the more trivial problems of life attending Garfield High School. Kyle became embroiled in the struggle against Creeper and his network that was distributing the harmful and addictive drug known as Park after Kyle’s childhood friend Tommy Cannon took the drug and did himself serious harm and was later kidnapped. Although Kyle managed to rescue Tommy with the help of Spectrum there was no going back to the life of pretending to be a normal teenager for Kyle. He felt that he had found his true calling.

Kyle learned more about his origins as he worked with Spectrum to finally shut down Creeper, who turned out to be none other than Jester Pockets. He learned that his adoption by Arland Standley was far from a legitimate adoption and that Arland had found Kyle in some sort of stasis tube in an abandoned Lex-corp facility. Exploration of this facility yielded unnerving results as Kyle and Arland found that Kyle was perhaps not the only thing grown here. They encountered an Urshothgan Hallowscourge and had to collapse what remained of the facility to keep it contained. This event sent Kyle down a path to discover his true origins and perhaps even what his purpose on this world was. During this investigation Kyle discovered and freed Kara Zor-El from yet another Lex-corp stasis chamber.

Kyle learned of his Kryptonian origins with the help of Kara, but also learned that he was a clone and that one third of his DNA seemed to be Kryptonian and another third human. It was unknown at the time what the other third was.

Quick Sliver led to the next clue about Kyle’s origins, Quicksilver had become involved with a charity drive to provide financial backing to a scientist that discovered a large and potential ancient object buried deep beneath the ice in the arctic circle. While attending a charity function to back a project to dig the object up Spectrum learned of the involvement of Ultimus Industries, a corporation that was tied directly to Lex-corp’s sudden emergence in Seattle several years prior. It was also discovered that the owner of Ultimus Industries was extra-planar and potentially a very powerful wielder of magic.

Kara had a feeling that the object in the arctic was a Kryptonian ship and that it could not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. This prompted Kyle and the rest of Spectrum to locate the object and examine it before it could be dug up. The object did indeed turn out to be a Kryptonian vessel sealed beneath the ice for thousands of years. Data recorded on the ship included a sample of a Kryptonian’s DNA that matched Kyle’s so perfectly that it was determined that whoever the DNA belonged to was the donor for Kyle’s Kryptonian DNA. The ship appeared to have been boarded forcibly while in flight and crash landed on earth. By some means or another the phantom drive of the ship had been modified and it now appeared to hold a sealed gateway to somewhere unknown. Educated guesses concluded that it was likely the phantom zone. Tampering with the gateway proved ill advised and led to a brief skirmish with a then unknown assailant. Nothing came of the combat but before much more investigation could begin an attack began on the surface above the ship. Ultimus had guessed at the intentions of the group and was launching an attack to take the ship for himself. Spectrum was able to send Kara away to her home dimension with the ship while they held off the attacking Hallowedscourge and defended the scientists and soldiers that were working to bring the ship to the surface.

The attack on the Kryptonian ship had farther reaching affects than anticipated as several of the scientists and soldiers that had been rescued we found to be host to more Hallowedscourge young. Spectrum was able to act quickly to prevent an outbreak of these horrible creatures onto planet Earth. During the research into these strange creatures it was discovered that the unknown third of Kyle’s DNA held a disturbingly high similarity to the Hallowedscourge.

Shortly after these events Kyle and Spectrum located and destroyed a nest of Hallowedscourge hidden beneath Seattle as well as a secret underwater facility that belonged to Ultimus and several other powerful corporations. Within this underwater facility Spectrum found a portal which indicated that whatever group they were facing had the ability to freely travel between worlds.

Just when it looked like Kyle and Spectrum would get a break Kyle heard a message from Kara that could only be heard by Kryptonians asking him to return to where they had found the Kryptonian ship in the arctic circle. Kyle answered the summons without question and soon found that he had walked into a trap layed by Lex Luthor, the author of Kyle’s creation. Lex had kidnapped Kyle’s family and Kimberly King in some sadistic attempt to break Kyle’s will. Lex had set each of them to be killed in an explosion if Kyle did not reach them in time. Kyle raced off to find and rescue his family and ultimately succeeded in not only doing that but seriously injuring Lex Luthor. However, in the final act of rescuing Kimberly King, Kyle was caught in an explosion while weakened by kryptonite and by the accounts of all observers perished. Lex Luthor arrived via port and shot and severely wounded Arland Standley before claiming Kyle’s remains. Before Lex vanished into the portal Kimberly King convinced him that she was impressed with his brilliance and that she wanted to join the winning side. Kimberly went through the portal with him.

It was several weeks that Kyle was missing in the hands of Lex Luthor and his allies. Kyle was brought back from the brink of death or perhaps event beyond it. He was subjected to medical and psychological experiments and procedures that can only be described as torture. During this time he was exposed to red kryptonite and subjected to mental conditioning by Ultimus. The end goal was to turn Kyle into the weapon he had always been designed to be, a tool for Lex Luthor to use in his quest for dominance.

When Lex Luthor and his allies began their attack on Earth to begin their invasion Kyle was released to aid them in the fight. Kyle was set to kill the Spectrum member known as Codex while he was working to disrupt the summoning ritual to finish bringing Lex’s forces to Earth. Kyle did nearly kill Codex but his will proved too strong and he was able to resist the conditioning long enough to pull away his shot at the last second. While Spectrum ultimately triumphed that day and stopped the invasion, Kyle’s troubles were only beginning. Kyle was found by Faora Hu-Ul before Spectrum. She was able to convince the confused and red kryptonite dosed Kyle to come with her for training rather than rejoining his allies.

Kyle was then trained and conditioned by Faora for weeks. Her ultimate goal and mission for Kyle was to find a way to reclaim the ship he had sent Kara back to the DC world in. This ship held the key to releasing none other than General Zod from his imprisonment in the phantom zone. Not only that, but also imprisoned there was Kyle’s genetic Kryptonian “father”. Jax-Ur, a brilliant genetic scientist and one of the worst criminals in the history of Krypton. Faora wished to free General Zod so they could conquer this Earth and rebuild the society of Krypton. Faora believed Kyle’s unique DNA was the key to unlocking the prison. Either he would find a way to open the prison, or Faora would “harvest” his DNA from his corpse and open it herself. With little choice in the matter, Kyle agreed. Kyle spent what little free time he had studying the genetic technologies researched by Jax and found that he was able to grasp the technology with an astonishingly intuitive ease. Once Faora decided Kyle’s “training” was complete she removed the red kryptonite bracelet that was impairing his mind and gifted him with Kryptonian armor. Before she sent him on his mission she gave Kyle the warning that she would be watching and listening. If she ever felt that Kyle was not following her orders and working on this mission, she would find him and kill him.

When Kyle rejoined Spectrum not quite himself. In the place of the once kind and noble young man was a very conflicted and angry young man, still in pain from his tortures at the hands of Lex Luthor and under the lingering influence of red kryptonite. In addition to this he knew that he needed to act in a way that Faora would approve of. This led to conflict with the group almost right way. Despite the tense reunion, Kyle helped Spectrum resolve a threat of necromantic Japanese sorcerers and while some member were hesitant to trust Kyle he tentatively rejoined the team.

Spectrum informed Kyle that Arland Standley had not been killed by Lex Luthor but was instead if some kind of forced coma that even Guardian had been unable to heal. With Kyle’s new-found knowledge of genetics and medicine combined with his Kryptonian senses he was able to determine that Arland was not injured. The bullet that Lex had shot Arland with was specifically designed to disrupt the eletrical impulses between the brain and nervous system, and this was forcing Arland into his coma like state. Kyle quickly set to finding a cure for this condition but was interrupted when the entire team of Spectrum was dragged into an alternate dimension by Luna, Spectrum’s helpful AI and “daughter” of Quicksilver while she was under the influence of a computer virus.

Kyle was furious at the interruption to helping his father and in this angry state flatly refused to help the denizens of the new world he had been forced into. Kyle began to question why he had to be responsible for every person that needed help and why he was not simply allowed to do what he wanted with his own time. While Kyle was pre-occupied with being selfish the rest of Spectrum was able to find the cause of their sudden arrival in this dimension. Luna had created a “copy” of Quicksilver in this digital world and the copy had gone stark, raving, mad. The copy had taken the name of Ajax and had begun a quest to find a way out of this digital imprisonment and into the real world. Ultimately this led to a confrontation with Ajax where rather than fight he simply begged for the right to live in the real world. Kyle’s sense of right and wrong kicked in and Kyle sided with Ajax, stating that no being of free will deserved to be trapped endlessly in a life without meaning or experience. At Kyle’s urging, the group agreed to find a way to help Ajax. This proved to be a trap. Once the group agreed to free Ajax they were forcibly sent back to their homeworld before that had made any preparations to contain Ajax. When they arrived it was revealed that somehow Ajax had taken possession of the body of Arland Standley.

This proved to be the greatest strain on Kyle’s fragile balancing act between his old self and the new selfish persona he had adopted. Kyle teetered on the edge of deciding to lay waste to everything around him in anger. He felt that this event proved that there simply was no justice in the world and that making the “right” decision was not worth the heart-ache. However, Kyle’s sense of right and wrong once again prevailed and he was able to contain his rage long enough to allow Quicksilver time to find a solution. Ajax was ultimately forced out of Arland’s body and Kyle was finally reunited with his father.

There was no time to rest and enjoy the moment, however. After only a few hours of sleep Spectrum was once again called into action. A “ripple” in space had been detected in the solar system. This ripple was simply destroying everything it passed through, and it was on course for the moon and Earth. With cryptic information provided by a strange entity that can only be referred to as a “watcher”, the group determined that the ribbon was seeking something. With the ribbon headed straight for the moon, the group determined that they needed to find a way through the gate to another world that was located on the moon.

This gate led to the mythical land of Tir na nog from Irish mythology. This newfound world was indeed dying and in need of a group of heroes to gather objects of legend to seal away the influence of an entity known simply as “the enemy”. Kyle benefited greatly from such a black and white, good and evil task away from the watchful gaze of Faora. He was able to stop acting and simply be himself and do what he felt was right in saving the dying world. Spectrum ultimately succeeded in reuniting the legendary object to seal out the enemy, but they learned that this was not going to stop the ribbon from its destructive course. Their solution was in the lands of the DC universe. Where Kara and the ship with the key to General Zod’s prison had been sent.

Kyle returned to his homeworld refreshed and renewed. Spectrum had made contact with the Gatekeepers to secure passage to DC Earth and they could do nothing but wait. Still filled with the motivation to help others and keep making things right Kyle began using the small window of free time available to research a new medical technology based on the drug park and the nanotechnology known to Kryptonians. In just a few short hours with the help of Spectrum’s medical team he had what he believed was the beginnings of something that could change the world for the better forever. As the group was congratulating itself the warning klaxons of the Space Needle warned of an attack. Faora had arrived.

To Kyle’s frustration, Faora considered his use of time to be wasteful and had come to demand Kyle return to his mission. Kyle rejected Faora’s mission and her philosophies rather than continuing the facade of working with her. Faora then attacked Kyle. When this proved fruitless she attacked the innocent people of Seattle that he seemed to care about so much. Kyle was able to prevent the people of Seattle from coming to harm and with no small amount of help from Special Agent James Black and Starborn Faora was taken down.

With the help and guidance of his friends and family, Kyle seems to have conquered the inner demons he gained from his time in the hands of Luthor and Faora and emerged stronger. While certainly less naive he is no less idealistic than he once was.

S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M - Sentinel - Standley, Kyle Lawrence

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