Mr. Abernathy

An English and Latin teacher at Garfield High


Name: Blake Abernathy, Mr.
Age: ??

Classification: Citizen
Superpowers: Unknown
Threat: Neutral
Group Dynamic: High School Teacher, Nuisance


According to his 2nd period students, for Blake Abernathy, his primary focus is clearly sending Love letters to someone named ‘Linda’ at school (found via clandestine computer scanning) and insisting on separate folders for Latin materials, and being insufferably British. (Or seems to be his schtick so far). Mrs. Forrester-Guthrie seems to like him though.

He insists on physical books and actual writing utensils as well.

Linda has been found to be his wife, Linda Abernathy, the family and consumer science teacher. He has admitted to private encounters that could be considered publicly inappropriate on school grounds, but nothing X-rated according to him. Much to several student’s disappointment, Mr Abernathy is not nearly as juicy a gossip target as he was once rumored to be.

Mr. Abernathy

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