An eerie alien who seems polite


Supa is a student at Garfield High School and is an alien refugee from her home world. Claims to be part of a race called the Ne’Flav Grun. They were once a dead people – what brought them back to life is a matter of speculation, however they claim it was by a race of intelligent machines. They come from a lower-gravity world.

You would think that Supa’s race’s shape-shifting abilities would lend itself well to the theatre, and Supa would agree, firmly identifying itself as a thespian. However most humans find Supa’s race’s propensity for change to be unsubtle and somewhat off-putting, with a few exceptions.


Supa and it’s race are gender agnostic, however may select any gender they wish at any time. Supa began as a female, however after meeting and liking and choosing to follow Sean Lex, and discovering that he preferred males, Supa simply switched genders.

When Sean returned to the Tasgovian Swarm, Supa then divided itself in half, sending the male version of itself with Sean, and leaving the female version of itself behind to serve the Terrans and Gov-Sec. It is currently unknown how many times this division can occur.


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