BASTION - The Masterworks

The Secure Laboratories of Tenbrooke Technologies


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After Martin Tenbrooke made his first million through financial consulting, he wanted a place to hang his professional hat. The scale of accomplishments he had in mind for his lifetime were going to need a company and offices that could be easily expanded. The first Tenbrooke Technologies building was selected primarily for it’s large sub-basements, complete with a connection to the Seattle Underground, which Martin removed from the records himself. As his company grew above ground through the careful cultivation of Raul (aka Seneschal), Martin worked below ground clearing and reinforcing the tunnels as his own private workspace and what would become the first lair of Mastermind, the Masterworks.

The Masterworks is a collection of facilities stacked on top of each other, each one more secret and secure than the one above. The topmost level is both the largest and most accessible, essentially the confidential R&D and Applied Sciences of Tenbrooke Technologies. It is where the less specialized equipment used by Martin as Mastermind is developed and tested, under the guise of military contracts (sometimes this is even true; Martin is optimistic about the military applications of Tenweave™ armor). Tenbrooke Technologies employees can access this level with proper clearance, and the Jet City Defenders are occasionally seen on this level. The techs and scientists are of course signed to non-disclosure agreements, but it is generally assumed that the JCD are among Tenbrooke’s clandestine clients.

The next level down is far more secretive, accessible only to top Tenbrooke employees, and is where what Martin calls his ‘next level’ projects are developed. Less conventional laboratories, including a custom extreme environment chamber that Martin calls ‘The Oven’, are found on this level. This is where the R&D that will allow Tenbrooke Technologies to break into new fields (such as space travel, advanced genetics, nanotechnology, and extradimensional physics) occurs. It is extremely compartmentalized, each department known only to the handful of leading Tenbrooke scientists that work there. El Mecanico’s machine shop is on this level, as are labs dedicated to Soul Shadow’s research.

The bottom-most level is where Martin performs his own personal research, and is known and accessible only to Seneschal and Mastermind. This is where Mastermind’s equipment is stored, his private training simulator is found, and where Martin is working on Project Ultimate Observer.

BASTION - The Masterworks

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