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Setting overview – If you are new to this game, start learning here about the custom world Character Creation – Everything you need to know to build a Superhero or Teenage Alien for Jet City
Character Advancement – Grow your hero/alien with rules for gaining and spending experience. Out of Character Resources – From the Periodic table of Superhero Origins and Powers to the HeroBuilder character tool.

Future games will use the other wiki, here:

  • Superheroes: All characters will be no younger than 17 years old and no older than 21.
  • Teenage Aliens: All characters will be no younger than 12 and no older than 21 – relative age, not all aliens act their age like humans.
  • Players will decide on one other character that they have a strong positive emotional attachment to and a strong negative emotional attachment to. These may evolve over time through natural roleplay.
  • Superhero Characters will have some trauma associated with the eruption of their powers.
  • Teenage Aliens are refugees on Earth whose families were torn apart by a war-torn galaxy. (we can work through this in prelude). I suggest you begin by designing a ‘normal’ person/background story and the characters powers will be introduced via story and prelude.

Here are links to the base Silver Age Sentinels rules for character creation, powers, skills, etc. and a PDF of the TriStat DX expanded rules too. I have SAS books at home which I’ll be willing to loan if needed during char-gen look over them if you like, but rules mastery isn’t needed.

I’ll help folks create characters and add finishing touches and I plan to take people aside and do some RP preludes as well to introduce characters into the world and get set up for the story to begin. Once everyone has been preluded we’ll agree on a start date and the game will be every Wednesday from then on.

Character Creation

Superheroes: This will be a 125 point game to start. (Now at 185 pts as of 5/4/2011)Points are spent as listed in the Tri-Stat DX rules. Skill points are separate, you get 30 points for skills.
EDIT We’re at 200 points to start at this time.
EDIT Last start was at 125

Alien Teenagers: This will be a 75 point game to start. Points are spent as listed in the Silver Age Sentinels rules. Skill points are separate, you get 30 points for skills.

The main areas you’ll have to spend points on are:

Core stats: Mind, Body, Spirit. (1-10 = human range, 11-20 = superhuman). From these core stats you get derived stats like Attack Combat Value (ACV), Defense Combat Value (DCV), Initiative, Hit points, etc. Body is physical prowess, Mind is mental ability and Spirit is willpower. Some powers ‘feed’ off of these particular stats, so pay attention to that when you get to the powers part.

Powers: As written in the book. Costs vary. The more powerful abilities cost more, the less powerful ones cost less. Different power levels progress using different charts. There are slow, medium and fast progression charts. Each power tells you which to use. Some start slow and switch later at higher levels to faster progressions to indicate a power curve. You can also take power defects that limit the power slightly to make the powers cheaper to buy per level.

Power Modification Values (PMVs): Stuff like range, targets, speed for flight or running, radius of effects, etc. These are a sub-set of the powers themselves often as important as the powers themselves. If you haven’t assigned PMVs to your powers, you aren’t done yet.

Special Attacks: The only way to really do useful damage in this game. Just because you can create fire, doesn’t mean you can shoot a fireball – SAs are listed as a power. If you don’t have at least one SA, you can do like 4 damage a hit, and there can be creatures with hundreds of hit points. There are also Special Defenses. SAs can also have Special Effects: More damage, burning, freezing, stunning, all kinds of ways to create unique attack results. There are a finite number of ‘slots’ for each attack to have special whiz-bang effects associated with them, and the ‘primary’ SA is the max level that any ‘secondary’ SAs can be, and is therefore more expensive. Special effects are to Special attacks as PMVs are to Powers.

  • For Alien Teenagers, don’t bother taking special attacks that do more than 30-60 base damage. Most antagonists (normal humans) have 25-30 HP. Most badassed humans have up to 60 hp. Anything more than 30-40 damage in a hit is literal overkill.

Skills: 30 Skill Points. Stuff your character knows how to do like piloting, disguise, underwater basket weaving, etc.

Defects: Finally, get points back by selecting Character Defects. Even Superman has his Kryptonite. You can also assign defects to powers as well to get points back for things that you commonly associate with a super power. Superman got points back for his laser vision because it emits a visible beam, for example, and is therefore a detectable use of a power. Again, with a shrewd use of these, you can get back quite a lot of points, (up to 8 CP) as there is no limit of defects you can take or points you can get back for taking them and most of them are not nearly as bad as White Wolf flaws. Since in my world, Parahumans are naturally a little feared/distrusted, you may as well take ‘Ism’ as your character is going to feel the effects of it anyway (think X-men style persecution).

  • For Alien Teenagers, you may take 10 EXTRA points in flaws to both define and purchase race-specific traits for your character. All uses of those 10 points in flaws will be a template with which to build your character’s alien race against. For ease, please keep these points aside somewhere as a ‘racial template’ that I can use as a GM to apply to other NPCs of your character’s race.

Any questions, let me know!

Character Creation

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