Danuta Diego


Danuta is a member of the Anime Manga Club at Garfield High School. She is very suspicious of the alien student Arthur and his technology and has already displayed a tendency to monitor his every move and even attempt to get her hands on his technology. Arthur considers this a big problem and the two will likely come to some form of confrontation in the near future.

Danuta and Arthur finally had another throwdown regarding Arthur’s technology. She seems firmly convinced of her own entitlement to investigate a potential danger to herself and other Humans. Whereas Arthur staunchly defends his right to privacy and insists his device is nothing but a wrist mounted computer. While Danuta was instructed by staff to stop, her resolve did not seem to waiver in the slightest.

Following yet another confrontation with Arthur the alien classmate x used his ability to remotely access data on Danuta’s cellphone and discovered she is a member of a Gov-Sec team that is attempting to steal alien technology and even genetic samples. This shed a great deal of light on Danuta’s actions and also revealed she is really. bad. spy. In light of this information Arthur has sworn to expose the conspiracy and annoy Danuta as much as possible in the process.

In another attempt to gain insight into the inner workings of Arthur’s technology Danuta brought the Advisor known as Citrio Virnius to class in her backpack and successfully used it to scan the Bunker Bracer. Arthur was warned by XytXyl that this had happened. Arthur promptly stole Danuta’s backpack with the intent of destroying her scanning equipment but changed his mind when he discovered the scanning device was sentient. Danuta is understandably angered and frightened by the dissapearence of such a rare and costly device.

Danuta holds the rank of Starman Recruit in the Terran Earth Corps, having been busted down in rank from Starman Apprentice after the above incidents.

Danuta Diego

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