Definition: Parahuman – The politically correct common parlance term for humans with extraordinary powers. Technically, parahuman is a scientific definition associated only with those who gain powers as a result of genetic mutation. Anecdotal evidence exists however, for the spontaneous creation of powers via spiritual or supernatural means, exposure to certain kinds of radiation, and the application of advanced technology or even training. The advent of the invasion of the Ka’Hadan Dominion also proposed the potential for parahumans of alien origin, though posessed of powers that may not be unique to their race, might possibly be above what humans are normally capable of doing.

SEE ALSO Metahuman

Known Parahuman Organizations

Abominable Clan of Frost, The (Nepal)

Assembly of Serpents, The (Nomadic)

Blackstones, The (Unknown)

Brotherhood of Thunder, The (Unknown)

Dawn Patrol (Miami, FL)

Gatekeepers, The (San Francisco, CA)

Gentlemen of Science, The (Historical)

Jet City Defenders (Seattle, WA)

Lonestar (AKA the Austin Posse – Austin, TX)

Mercy Force (New York, NY)

NUFON (Kyoto Japan)

Paragon Project, The (Ottowa, Canada – as well as many others)

Stars and Stripes (Washington DC)

Tribe of Chrome, The (Unknown)

US Marshals, The (Quantico, VA)


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