W_Dani.jpgW’Dani is a Ka’Hadan female who currently attends Garfield High School as a senior. She has decided that there are very few among the lesser races here that are worth her time, with the exception of Morenai Maximovich, who beat her in a stare-down on the first week of school.

It has been revealed that the Ka’Hadan are still planning on invading Earth. The timeline on this has not been brought to light, but they are planting a few of their warriors in as “diplomatic envoys” in order to gain foothold. Perhaps if humanity is prepared for the impending conflict, with the Ka’ Hadan, they can succeed one more time in pushing the warmongering race back.

W’Dani is seriously into American Football and was very pleased that the GHS Bulldogs were able to defeat all other warriors in their league.

In addition to her interest in sports, draconic aliens and warfare, W’Dani is also a quick study, and has a thirst for knowledge to rival most nerds. She’s also interested in softball in the spring, (though the softball coach is afraid of her) and considers herself a jock. None of the other jocks have decided to correct her, if there is any correction at all to be made.

W’Dani is the leader of her W’Dokai (pack), however unbeknownst to her, two of her pack have defected to to Gov-Sec, now that they are free of the dreaded Galactic Imperium. When and if this is discovered by W’Dani, violence is expected.


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